How bout some scents for the daily migration

Either your super lucky or your not. We need more ways to be able to find these creatures.


We need less ways to be able to buy these creatures.


I agree completely. Scents for the EPIC daily migration dinos at the very least would be useful.


prob ludia can create Daily Epic Scent for these migration epics

I won’t argue with you. If they had a higher spawn rate I would even be happy. After 7 hours of hunting. Only found 4 darwin. While others have more luck in less time. I don’t live in a heavily populated area. So sometimes it’s harder for me.

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That’s how it is with any epic, given you actually put in the work instead of buying an ~x5-10 spawn rate via epic scents.

That said, I wouldn’t mind “daily spawn” scents if they’re only available from strikes and tourney rewards, for example. But we all know that’s not what’s gonna happen.

I agree with Idgt I hunt the whole day and sometimes don’t find a single daily epic for example to date I have not seen a wild yoshi so either spawns need to be increased or we can use epic scents to try get them


With the one day only available per epic and with a modest 4 epics darted per week. Will take approximately 32 weeks to accumulate 20k DNA. While other epics available 7 days a week. With 4 darted per day. Will only take 5 weeks to accumulate 20k.

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Increasing the spawn rates would make sense, and everyone would be much happier, not to mention most would enjoy hunting more lol

There is no more “balance” in the arenas anyways, might as well let people get their dna… they will still have to pay for coins if they wanna progress quickly, so I dont see an increased spawn rate as something negative for either party. Win win situation. :face_with_monocle::sweat_smile:

Scents make sense to me. Unlike just buying special Incubators for 50$ a pop to get DNA, Scents make you get out there and walk for those 2x spawns. You have to buy them, but you also have to work a bit to get the results. If you are 100% free to play, 1k cash takes time to accumulate I suppose but if everyone was strictly free to play we wouldn’t have a game. We have not gotten any special scents in a long time. Maybe Daily Migration scents could be a special 1 or 2 per week purchase and you then have to pick what you need most.

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That, I could get behind. Increase the daily rare and Epic spawn rates and tone down the common one, when Ophicodon day rolls around I so so sad :frowning:

Ludia constantly misses out on a lot of opportunities to make a few extra bucks, and i don’t understand why they don’t make an effort to do it. They could have multiple kinds of scents rotating in the store daily. They could have tournament incubators. They didn’t even sell boosts when we had a boosted tournament. I could keep going but you get what I’m saying. There’s plenty they could be doing to make the game more enjoyable and still make a few bucks off of it.