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How brutal is the arena around 4800-5000?


I don’t know what is wrong with me this week. I faced so many teams with avg 29’s towards the end of the tourney that I am literally too chicken to battle. With the alliance missions I feel I have to, but dang… 35 below zero last week, icy and snowy this week is maybe wearing me out, not sure. Thanks ahead of time for input :slightly_smiling_face:


I have found since tourney ended that yes some overlevelled teams are about around that trophy rank but they don’t seem to know how to play half as well as those that where about last days of tourney!


I would tell you if I knew… but I’m close to crashing into Lockwood, and the most embarrassing thing is…

not on purpose :flushed:

The arena is not for the fearful right now! :laughing:

GL to everyone!


Your efforts are definately respected. I’m not usually the fearful type, but may just wait a few more days like I did last tourney. Concavenator rewards aren’t worth it. I’ve been darting everything on legs lately though so still contributing to the missions I guess. Things should all fall into place soon hopefully. Best of luck to you! :blush:

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True, and since there’s no tournament it doesn’t matter too much… like a fool, I like the PVP and trying out new dinos (the red/green super chicken and Edmonto), even if it’s painful :wink: I still have fun, though… and if I’m ever tempted to throw my phone it’ll be time to quit!


It is quite brutal. Although I take it as good practice for my team. Almost every team I face is above my “24” averaged team. In some cases I do come out on top with some good luck (stuns and crits) and good strategizing (right swaps and moves etc.). It’s fun when it works out but I also shrug off the losses to insanely leveled teams. It’s not tournament time so I’m just battling for fun and not too worried if I lose a lot.

Heck, yesterday evening I did a lot of battles with Procerathomimus in my team at 6 levels below team average, and I did lose quite a few matches but also had fun with it in both the matches I won and lost with it. In one match I annoyed the heck out of a level 28 Spinotasuchus with it and won the game!!

Also, forgot to add - totally loving the new Magna!! Thanks for this much needed buff to Magna, Ludia!! Even at level 23 and being the lowest leveled member of my team, she’s doing amazing.


I wondered about magna, mine is a 22 and never used her yet.


Love that super chicken… even at lvl 20. But I was a big fan of the flying chicken aka Monomimus until the most recent, atrocious nerf.

I might forgive Ludia for that insult if… they increase Ornithomimus spawns :wink:


I have close to 20k orni, would love to be able to share.

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I got trashed by Magna more than once… nice buff she got. But unless I suddenly find lots of Dimetrodon I’ll never create her :neutral_face:


I shouldn’t mention I have almost 26k dimetrodon too… like a dna superstore lol!

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I’ll keep that in mind :wink:

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Ornitho isn’t an issue for me! Still have 10k after fusing to bring Proceratm to level 19. Procerato is the issue. I want Procerato so bad, lol. Can’t imagine what a beast Procerathomimus would be at team level. Same damage as Indo/Magna and 131 speed, it’s pretty scary.


Lots of moves would be fun, I stopped at 15 for some reason.


Magna is super good at the moment. I’d say even does well 3 levels below team average, although better as a revenge killer. Even kills Dilorach 3 levels higher head-to-head (as long as Dilorach isn’t set-up). Also wrecks Utarinex, Utasino, Thor, Tryko, Tenonto. It mostly fears Indo and Erlidom.


im sorry that i have made it hard on you :grin::wink:


Not a good starter Im guessing


its good if equal or higher lvl then indo.


Lol! I remember those matches last night. Was pretty annoyed lol. But oh well I had some bad luck. And I do struggle vs Dilorach leads unless I lead with my right dino or get lucky… :wink: GGs btw

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That’s good to know… my Indo is 27 (working on Erli) :laughing:

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