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How can a 3*toothless have more health than my 4*toothless?

So yep…New update aandddd new bugs:)
So while I have been fighting I saw that 3 star dragons have more health than my almost maxed dragons??
Like how?
Some explanation please??

That’s my toothless

And that’s my opponent toothless

And it’s not only toothless there are different dragons too,just dont have any screenshots

Please some explanation?

Hey Tootie_lover, Defense Team Dragons receives a stat boost, this is to ensure that the battles are balanced.


Oh ok thanks for the reply! That explains it! Thanks again<3


my team is at 7426 and an opponent is at 5980 is the boost already included in that 5980 or above that? Because my 7426 team has no problem putting teams of 7200 away in various game play modes but in the Arena, this new season I can’t come close to defeating teams almost 1400 points less than me. It is ridiculous and I am not the only player who will not play Arena anymore. The boost shown in screenshot is far stronger, how do you say that is fair play? Fair play is just as strong not significantly stronger.


Already included. But your experience sounds ridiculous. Maybe your opponent choose dragons carefully so you can’t easily win, or there’s something wrong with your tactic, or it’s just bad luck. I can beat some team with 7200 bp in quest when my team was no more than 5000 bp but now I sometimes find teams in arena just a little stronger than me or even a little weaker can easily crush my team.

I don’t have issues in any other area of the game except in Arena and a lot of them are not my choosing, it is when I am asleep or not playing. I refuse to play and I am still attacked and loosing to teams a thousand points or more when I check! there is no way to get out once you have set it up which is ridiculous too. No problem getting 50,000 or more a lot of times against an ****Alpha out of a single energy, no issue beating any other team thrown at me. I am not the only player having this issue either.