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How can a stego type dino make a unique

I’ve been thinking about it and they seem to make a unique for each type of Dino. We finally got the longneck one but still have no triceratops or stegosaurs kind.

How can they make a stego unique if the stegodeus is a legendary and is also the strongest of all stegosaurs?




Maybe a 20 stegosaurus and 20 monoestegotops, monoestegosaurus,. But we already have a unique stegosaurus familiar kentro for tryko

There are no unique Spino, Bary, Trice, Stego, Raptor, Brachio, ankylo, Dilo, Galli, Koola, Pteranodon and pachycephalo-models :wink:


I forgot about Trykosaurus using Kentrosaurus but I guess I consider it more of a Rex style unique because of its form.

Stegodeus and monostegotops cannot evolve again because they are already superhybrids.

Sure there are a lot of uniques that don’t have base body of a lot of different creatures. But the point I’m making is that if they say stegodeus is the most powerful of stegosaurs. Does that mean we will never get a stego unique as a base gene since there can’t be one more powerful?

Monostego can’t get unique as it’s already superhybrid. Stegocera maybe.

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Ok, how about Stego with Euoplocephalus, Ankylosaurus Gen 2 or Nodosaurus for an Epic. This will give it HP plus armor.

Then cross with Tanny for a Legendary. Now we have a tank with HP, Armor and Speed.

Then… You get one of the ‘Local Roads’:

You get to choose from one of the four local pests for the Unique.

Diplo for a distract

Eini for a stunner

Suchomimus for a bleeder

Or Majunga for a counter attacker.

You are welcome.


Im not arguing that one couldn’t be created by any means.

I’m saying that Ludia stayed that stegodeus is the most powerful of all stegosaurs. With that said, they’re saying nothing can be more powerful in that category of stego primary base model.

With that said, they couldn’t make a stegosaurus looking unique because they already made the holy grail of stegos as a legendary. By their own description.

But then again, they said T. rex has the strongest bite or whatever and Thor for sure crushes it. Lol

T-Rex has the strongest attack (without boosts). But I got your point.
eg:- Apatosaurus, its not the Dino with most HP anymore.


Or Pteranodon middle sized pterosaurs either

How about:

Pachy+Ankytrosaurus= Unique Pachy

Pyroraptor+Purutaurus(L20)= Unique Raptor

Suchomimus+Skoolasaurus= Unique Amphibian

Alankylosaurus+Miragaia= Unique Stego

Tany+Conca->Tanyvenator+Dsungaripterus= Unique Pteranodon type

Maiasaura+Sarcosuchus->Sarcosaura+Brachio= Unique Brachio type

Monomimus+Baryonyx= Unique Bary type

Sinoceratops+Ouranosaurus-> Ouranotops+Euoplocephalus= Unique Anky type

Promimus(L20)+Tupandactylus= Unique Galli type

Paramoloch+Trike G2= Unique Trike type

Suchotator(20)+Pteranodon= Unique Spino type

What do you guys think?

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What do we think about the topic or the legion of questions you just posed?


Pyroraptor + Pteranodon = Rodan. Magnapyritor would be more appropriate being “the great fire” and all but it’s a Unique…
Anyway, how about two level twenty non-hybrids ? That could open up a possibility for a new class above Unique, since you would have a non-superhybrid Unique.
Like that’s going to happen.

While the model part is accurate, I’m sure most players would agree that IndoRAPTOR is the Unique for the Raptor line. It’s even in the name. lol


Stegopatosaurus. Yes please. :slight_smile:

What’s up with people always pointing out “superhybrid can’t evolve”?? It’s a video game with dinosaurs, who cares if they could eventually evolve? :smiley:

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Reasons… :joy::man_shrugging:

It’s ludias formula. Until they change it that’s how things are I suppose.

Stegod+Monosteg xd would be crazy… Monostegodeus. Most likely not going to happen though. Right now Monosteg is the superior stego hybrid.

I’m talking about the model, not name or line xd