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How can I breed the Elite dragon?

So, in the book of dragons, the Elite Boneknapper appears as something that I can breed, but when I click it, the only option is “draft”, it doesn’t show me the dragons needed to breed him

Can I use the skrill/knapper, or stormcuttter/knapper in the breeding area?
Or do I need 2 Boneknappers ?

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It looks to me like it is breedable from the hybrids you mentioned, so I have started breeding those in the meantime to see if I get it, I will update if I do or if I see it removed.

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The % adds up funky, however that is true with a few of the hybrid breeding %, although I believe that is usually due to rounding, this % error is different. So it could just be a visual error Ludia will need to fix up, like they did with how breeding two boneknappers used to show the elite was breedable and was removed.


When the elite dragon was released, shortly after there was an update that put elite dragon into breedery. It was a mistake and Ludia has removed it from breedery after they realized it. They probably forgot to update the book of dragons though…

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