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How can I counter the Green Chicken?


So the Green Chicken is kicking my butt every match. (Tuojing and) Ourano are the (two) Dino(’s) I will never get my hands on so I can’t make my own. So how do I counter it? It really destroys my team. I’m not complain, just looking for advice. I could just put Dracorex G2 back in but I’d rather not.


I would say Stego or Trago - shield/invincibility, SS and Rampage. SS for cleaning distraction. If it starts with SS and you have Stego, then Thago, shield, possibly SS, Rampage.

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This was a disgustingly and recklessly miscalculated abomination … not your fault there are maybe 1-2%* of Dinos in this game that can reliably counter this thing

*if you are lucky enough to have them assigned to your deck

But to answer your question:
Stegocera: slow, GSS, GSI
Tourmaloch: slow: GSI, impact


Or pretty much anything with speed up strike right?


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How is this pic even possible? Did they use strike first up?


Ïs there any Epic strike tower on currently? I can’t see any.


As hersh as said, stegocera and tuora (especially) and very good counters against. Any tank works well, with stegod put up SD t1 and it will force them to sacrifice it or run. Trago, use LI t1.