How can i geht dinosaurs fast?

I’m now at Level 38 and got the Mission to have 100 dinosaurs. I have now 55 (this evening 56) and i have no more dinosaurs that are waiting to hatch. And i can’t spend all the DNA to buy the Rest. So is there another way how i can get dinosaurs fast…or will this Mission cost me weeks to complete? That has to be one of the worst Missions in the game…

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If I have to guess, you are on episode 21. If you want you can check this spreedsheet that contains many missions after that one. I am a few episodes in front of you so you can see what you will have to do.

Answering your question, you are just ahead of your time. When I got that one, I was some lvs higher than you so I already had like 70+ dinos. It took some hours or maybe one day but I did it. You have to keep hatching dinos. If you see that spreedsheet, after that one, you will need x number of lvl 40 dinos, that one takes more time in my opinion. Just hatch commons or so, and dont lvl them up. You can hatch 8 of each commom dino really fast and that way you will have enough for a lvl 40 after.

Hatch all of the cheapest common dinos. Do you have 12 triceratops? (And so on)

Do NOT evolve anything while doing this mission!

I had the same problem and had to do the same thing.

DNA ads should get you about 1000DNA a day. That is 10 triceratops right there.

Thank you for all the Help. I am now at 78 Dinos and hatching the alanqua. After that it will get more expensive, the next cheapest Dinos are guanlong and an amphibian Dino. At least i will have enough Dinos to get many Level 40 as soon it is requested.

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I’d also say don’t get too stressed out over the missions. You will quickly reach a point in the game where the rewards are not worth much to your game, and increasingly will hit ones that are going to halt you in progressing through them for a LONG time. Many of us sit on these missions for months due to a requirement that just doesn’t fit our game play, so it’s a good idea to not get too stressed over them. I do want to complete them eventually (some players never do) but I’ve definitely moved away from them being any kind of focus in what I do.

What mission are you stuck on that doesn’t fit where you want to go with your game?

Currently I’m stuck at the one requiring a level 40 Indominus Rex or a level 11 Indoraptor. Before that is one that I sat on for awhile that wanted a level 31 I-Rex or a level 1 Indoraptor. Between the two of these which are only a few missions apart, I’ll probably be sitting on them for at least 8 or 9 months.

Wait, you need to own a lvl 40 or you need to make a new one?

In this mission you just need to own one. There are other people tend to get stuck on where you have to make or feed specific level dinos they no longer have and don’t really want to pay the DNA to make. But yeah for this one you would want to wait to create a lvl 40 I-Rex until you get to it unless you want to make another one after using it up for your Indo.

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At least they give you the possibility to choose one of them. But lvl 11 indoraptor is too much, should be like lvl 8
I wonder when I will start getting those. I am starting to make many hybrids and my rare and super rares are starting to dissapear. It would be funny if I had to own a specific lvl 40 super rare that I just used for the hybrid :joy: i know what you guys might say about doing two lvl 40 of each dino but for me, i never use my rare or super rare dinos to battle. In tournaments its impossible and for most of PvE events I dont mind waiting some hours to have the dino back fro, cooldown

The rares/commons help on bosses.

The goal of a boss is to complete the side missions for DNA, not to murder him to impossible strength.

Also, when the boss is impossible, it the boss 1 shots a free cool down common, or you best dino, who cares? The first two dinos (toward the end) are just going to die no matter what you do. (First will be a save, because you can’t stop 2 hits. Second dino save 1/block 2. And depending, more save/block, or just save 4 to get your last dino an 8 attack everytime.)

For the damage goals, you don’t want to do any more damage than you have to, to keep the boss from leveling up. Than, on the last bit of life of the boss, blow him up! And get the next mission.


Well yeah, I hate to think how much longer it would be for me to reach the point where I think Indoraptors need any leveling up… but it will be a LONG time from now. The lvl 1 Indo is around the AFS of lvl 40 VIPs and legendary hybrids so it already takes a good amount of time to build teams to match it.

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