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How can i get my old account back if i lost it on my ipad?

The thing is I CANT login with facebook for some reason/email beacuse there is no options for it in the settings tab so its stupid and i cant get anything back cuz i forgot my support key from before so can anyone help me with my settings issue? pls the game gives me NO options for it on my phone and its annoying me that i lost all my progress just beacuse There is no cloud sync on the game (from wht i can see and thats stupid considering the age of the game) so can anyone help me? i dont wanna restart again cuz no cloud sync like i have already (with a lvl 50 account already with a Suchodus which i unlocked via the tournament in dominator BUT apperantly not so thanks :D) and yes ive checked before and nothing even when i check the settings button like it said nothing so either update your settings menu so this wont happen again or make a cloud sync for gmail.

Hey SpinoFoxie, could you please send an email to our support team at Our team would be happy to try and help you recover your account.