How can I help improve an alliance?

I’ve been a co leader of an alliance but since 2.0 we’ve declined like a lot to the point that it’s a struggle to get to tier 2 in AC’s
We currently have 37 players
17 who did a pvp season battle (highest 5070- lowest 201 cups)
13 who did tournaments
9 who got at least one 10 kills in a tournament

And 1/3 of the people we accept in would request then go offline for like a month :confused:
Is there a way to halt or reverse this? We are trying to be a casual alliance but it’s been rough and I don’t want to leave it

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hi . i was an alliance officer for a while . i can say maybe you can merge your alliance with 2 or 3 more alliances so you can have at least an active one . you can post merge and recruiting offers on discord too :wink:

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Maybe you’ve to setup a group in discord/facebook, so that you can communicate to the alliance members on what’s needed.

You’ve to make the 10 takedowns in alliance as mandatory, so that all 37 can contribute.

Anyone who goes offline for over a week without any specific reason (or) want to quit, should inform the alliance leader at least in the in-game chat. You should remove those and replace with new ones even when they’ve lower cups.

People with 3k-4k+ (you can set the minimum) trophies who actively support alliance missions & doing tournaments are better than the people with 5k+ trophies who’re not contributing to anything.

Also, lower level players are useful for alliance achievements due to them darting heavily etc.


yeah you ahve to be a bit ruthless set up a discord everyone 10 kills in tournie daily activity or boot and mute and recruit hungry players not leaches, discord or facebook or something to communicate and do raids…easiest way to move things along.
other than that just try and make it as fun as you cna anot not a job/chore

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There are plenty of non social media using (for any number of reasons) players out there who are highly productive alliance members…

yep thast true its not a has to have but its definately alot easier especially with raids :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant dispute that. Its part of the reason i dont raid much beyond the low level raids (that and the fact my raid meta are either not unlocked or languishing at base level), it would perhaps be helpful to have the raid strategies somewhere else centralised (eg here or gamepress), as this would enable non-SM using players to gain an understanding of what they need.

well free free to look at my videos alot of the strategies are there and someone has a centralised raid doc setup in the raid section here somewhere

Hi would you be interested in an alliance merge with us? We are only 16 atm but we do all raids, help everyone with raids, donate to all requests, do tourney etc we tried a merge before but didnt work out so were back out looking for more players. Add me on discord if you’re interested lozzieRexus88#9799