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How can I improve my line up?

At level 40 I think I need to pay attention to my lineup, so far just leveling Dinos I get from packs and the buying commons I need for missions has so far been enough to make all my battles easy.

But I would like to be able to do tournaments, I know dominator is far far away, but I want to land on predator atleast for the double legendaries. but I don’t know what to focus on except for getting a labyrinthosaurus and fusing whatever I get in card packs and

So what creatures and hybrids do I focus on or buy?

DNA is ~8500 rn, apart from the ones in the pictures I can also fuse to get a lvl 20 supersaurus, pachy and dilo if needed from already existing copies.

Also @Pristine_nightfury

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Um… I don’t mean to be rude but you’re at a relatively very, very early stage of the Game to be focusing on Tournaments as of now. My first advice would be keep playing as you do and firstly reach at least a bench of level 40 Super Rares to focus on Tournaments.


You have a second ev supersaurus too

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Nice but you really need to make super rare Lvl 40s like @Jurassic_Fury said


Probably Zehangopterus and/or Postosuchus

Yeah I know even winning in predator is impossible rn, but last tournament I was able to win a few matches in Hunter league, if could have a bit of a better team I can win more and place myself at the bottom of predator league last minute so i don’t need to have even a predator winning line up

Or is even getting to top of Hunter league not possible with this line up?

Level up your dinos withput fearing, they don’t unbalance. I would add a lot of lvl 30 rares for now. So you might even reach hunter league.

That’s my question, like what rares/super rares do I focus on? Do I buy 5 pachys to get a lvl 40 because I already have 3 or do I buy 7 irritators because I can use it for diplotator?

I want to know the best DNA investment at this stage

Send you the pics of my lineup in those zones.

Obviously some if those dinos are late-game since some can be gained after two months of play, like Corytho could be replaced with Diplodocus and Scapho with lvl 30 Tapejara. If you want sime tips; the best rares at 30 are:
Nundasuchus (447 health 114 attack)
Irritator (283 health 108 attack, mainly since it costs little)
Rhamphorhynchus (408 health, 128 attack, if you have it unlocked)
Pachycephalosaurus (319 health 100 attack)
Those are just tips, so don’t take them too seriously.
Bye :wave:


Hatch everything the game gives you, fuse what you can, purchase things that are unlocked where you have holes. While doing this, don’t let anything get to far out in front of your lineup, but there isn’t really a bad investment of your DNA at this point. All of these creatures will basically become coin generators long term so just have fun playing the game and increasing your army.

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IMO with that lineup you shouldn’t be anywhere near pred. Hatch everything the game gives you and save SNA for super rares and common hybrids

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I consider myself one of if not the most limit-testing person on this forum (:crazy_face:) and I managed to hit Predator with a single team of Diplotator 20, Antarctopelta 10, and Ophiacodon 20. Obviously I got the Antarctopelta via a bug in the game so you won’t be able to replicate that, but that’s about the ferocity you’ll need to sneak into Predator.

Note: That team won’t win a single match in Predator and barely wins half the matches in high Hunter, so you’d better be awake and ready to spend a lot of DB during the last hour trying to sneak in.

I’d say don’t try for Predator until you have a few more super rare 20s. Each tournament tier’s rewards is to help set you up to hit the next tier. At your stage in the game super rares are pretty good.


Thanks for the help, the event reset is only evening for me and I also have lots of free time nowadays which coupled with less than 1 hr cooldowns allow me to do 6-7 runs a day if I want, so I can get in lots of battles in without wasting DB

And getting more super rares is something I can work on before the next tournament

I think his comment was about speeding up his very best creatures in order to have any chance at getting into the higher leagues. At a certain point the amount of battles you can do will mean nothing if the creatures are not strong enough to win. I would not worry about any speed ups at this point and just play the tournament with what you have available and you will land where you land.

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See if you take my teams’ ferocity and try to get to higher leagues, you’ll find that not even 6-7 runs a day is enough. Your winrate is just not going to be high enough to make that work. You’ll have to DB out that team over and over again during the last hour to get there. It’s probably best not to do what I did and just accept something like Hunter 10 if you find making Pred to be too hard, I was just limit testing

What is your entire lineup n (like top 10 dinos) now?

I wrote you in your thread, but you are always one step after me.

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Lol, I get it

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So now that I have them all fused I don’t know what to focus on now, I have a ostrafrika lvl 30 coming up, and I will fuse up everything I get in packs but I don’t know what to spend my dna on so that I can reach dominator easily (I landed #1 in pred for gorgo with the vips at lvl 3 and most of what I have unfused so it should be a bit easier now)

I guess I need to get more hybrids going but I want advice in which are the best to focus on

The ones I can unlock ASAP are


So what should I spend my dna on? One of those hybrids or buy more base legendaries like t rex or ostrafik or work on gorgo or kentro which I have unlocked?

Thanks in advance.