How can I improve my lineup for the next tournament

Hello I have made this thread in order to get some help improving my lineup further for the next tournament I am struggling even with the dinosaurs I have currently and I will have to spend some bucks just to secure two dominator victories which at this point in time doesn’t bother me here’s my lineup for the 50th time :joy:

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  1. Next tourney(s) are today!
  2. Do both to get Armormata (new hybrid)
  3. I dont know, can u post a pic of your lineup? (XD)

@anon28420136 Yes one second please

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Could go for Ostaposaurus…
or Rajastega


Ok ya I do have plans to get ostopasaurus in the near future and ragastega will follow right after

could get level 21 diplosuchus
probably might mess the lineup though

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Suprannotitan is a possibility…if you have a level 40 tyrannotitan

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No I don’t have a lvl 40 supranottitan but I want one

Can you get a suprannotitan?
lvl 10 ferocity: 1915
do you have a suprannotitan?

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No I can’t

I meant I don’t have a lvl 40 tyranotitan btw

I dont know if you have koola or banana fish or allo maxed so…

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Nope don’t have sarcho unlocked nor a lvl 40


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you have a level 20 sarco…

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@anon28420136 ya I have a lvl 20 sarcho and a lvl 10 but I had to win those and as for zalmonodon I do plan on getting him after I get yudon like right after and I plan to get cerazinosaurus and segnosuchus and hopefully if metria wins the vote metriaphodon

@anon28420136 can I see what you’re lineup looks like?

promise you wont laugh?
I have the worst lineup ever

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I promise I swear