How can I improve my team? Looking for suggestions

Hello! So, I’m looking for suggestions as to how I can improve my team. This is how it currently looks:
And my roster:

  • I definitely plan to keep Toothless in my team, since he’s a really powerful dragon
  • I plan to include Stormfly as my Blue dragon, since she’s one of my favorite dragons.
  • I’m probably going to keep The Shrill Boltbeak too, because of the Counter attack ability. BUT if there’s a way better option, I’m willing to change-
  • Is it a good idea to keep Flank-Tank as my green dragon? She’s an essential part of my team since she’s the only dragon I have who can cure 25% of all members at once.
  • What would be a good yellow dragon? I got The Furtive Fleetsleet but I’m not sure if he’d be a good additon and if so, who should I replace?
  • Is The Cryptic Collector worth keeping and upgrading?

I just hope that future species have more curing dragons, I think that’s what we lack the most right now. (Scauldron plz)


Wow! Phenomenal team and so many other great dragons in the running! I am a huge fan of the green 4* Revenger Skrill. It’s my favorite green dragon so far. But Flank-Tanker is excellent for a 3*. I’m actually trying to catch Flank-Tanker up to Revenger for when we have 3* limited quests.

Furtive Fleetstreet (yellow Snow Wraith) was my very first premium dragon, and with the exception of Toothless, she’s still my favorite dragon. I highly recommend her. She’s helped pull me through so many close calls. Another strong yellow dragon that’s really good against Alphas is Bombwelter (Whispering Death).

As for Boltbeak, I’m so freakin jealous! I’d love to have that dragon on my roster!

Here’s my dragon fam:


Thank you!! I got lucky and managed to get the Boltbeak from breeding two Revengers! I see that you also have a really good team.
I’ll definitely give The Furtive Fleetstreet a chance to shine then! Do you think that the Anveil will be able to do Flank-Tanker’s curing role all by himself?

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The Anveil has definitely been solid getting me to this point, but unfortunately he’s maxed out. So while he’s definitely been my go-to blue dragon and will remain so for the near future, I’m starting looking ahead long-term for my next healing dragon to take over.

Flank-Tanker heals all dragons, which is really nice, while Anveil gives a 45% boost one dragon. Together they’re a formidable pair when your team is getting annihilated. But both are only three stars, and I’m dying to break the 5300 team total mark so I can get father in quests. But which dragons should I start working on?

Skullcrusher, the dragon released if you join Flight Club, is a green 5-star and heals all dragons 25%. Another good premium healing dragon is Skullcrown (blue 4-star boneknapper); he heals your lowest dragon by 40%, which is only 5% less than Anveil. I think those two will likely be on my primary roster in the not-too-distant future.

Another healing dragon to consider is Tricky Two Heads (blue hideous zippleback). I don’t have that one (yet), but it’s high on my wish list!

image image image

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Oops. Forgot to mention another really good healer to consider: Beachcomber, the yellow hotburple. image

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Ooh, Skullcrusher is a good alternative for Flank-Tanker then, sadly I can’t get him. (Unless Ludia decides to release him way later in some sort of event).

I’ll start working on getting Skullcrown after I get the 5* Nadder and Stormcutter to finish the dragon book collection! I just dunno what I’ll do about my cure later in the game since I really want to include Stormfly, unless more curing(not health bonus) dragons get released, and I sure hope they do, because it’s what we lack the most imo

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Took me a minute to find Stormfly. I only have 300 trust points for her so far, but she is definitely a great dragon to go for. Trust point dragons are easier to level up in my opinion. You could always work on leveling up Furtive Fleetsleet as your yellow dragon for now since you already have her. Keep working on Flank-Tanker and Anveil for when you need healing dragons. But maybe long term start holding on to a couple of hotburples to help you aim for Beachcomber (yellow hotburple) in the long-term to pair with Stormfly for healing.

That’s kind of my strategy. I focus on a couple of different rosters with different goals and purposes in mind:
1.) I have my primary roster with my current strongest/best-paired dragons.
2.) I have my 3-star roster with all my best 3-star dragons for when we have 3-star-only quests.
3.) I have my “work in progress” roster with key dragons that I’ve recently acquired but haven’t been able to level up yet.
4.) There’s the “breeders” roster for dragons that I could care less about other than for breeding other dragons.
5.) And finally I have my “Miscellaneous/Backup” roster for dragons that didn’t make it on any of my other rosters but are leveled up enough or have key special abilities that make them useful when I need two dragons of the same color on a team.

By keeping them all on various rosters, it prevents me from accidentally donating one to the dragon academy when leveling up a dragon. Also helps me see all my top dragons on the main page and strategize which eggs to hatch and who to breed.

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Yeah, I’ll do that! Even though I like The Cryptic Collector, removing her from my team won’t impact as much as removing Flank-Tanker. I already have two 2* Hotburples so getting a 4* one won’t take too long!
That’s a really good strategy imo, and it surely has inspired me! Thank you so much for helping me : D

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