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How can I improve my team?

I want to improve my team could you help me (I’m at 148 inddoraptor)

First advice, sorry to disappoint you, but indoraptor sucks, i regretted every fuse of it. Save the indom dna for erlidom or t rex dna for tryko.
Then I think there isn’t much changing you can do with your team, hopefully your velociraptor is unboosted and I would replace it with erlikogamma or even monometro


Indoraptor does not straight up suck, its just a beginning unique for low level players. Use that for the time being but PLS DON’T level it up more than 22.

Stegodeus is a okay tank but I would highly suggest trying for Geminititan. Indominus DNA should go towards Tryko or Erlidom, but I highly recommend Tryko.

Other than that, your team’s looking quite good for the level, work towards hybrids that help in obtaining uniques, don’t work towards trash legendaries.

All the best and good luck.


i will take your advice and focus it on erlikodminus focusing it a bit on indoraptor

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indoraptor sucks big time, itll make your team worse. Try getting erlidominus, utarinex, thor, grypolyth and maybe spinonyx and erlikospyx

I agree, but not too much, it still helps you by 1%, its just a coping mechanism to help you reach the big league uniques

i don’t mind indoraptor because it is my only unique that i have unlocked(its boosted so it can out run velociraptors)

Go with erk, mine has 4 hp,10 attack, and 10 speed boosts and it absolutely destroys indom, indo, mono, allo, thor… i could keep going on.