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How can I make my lineup better?

Here’s mine lineup:

I currently have a scaphognathus and a eryops in the hatchery. Any advice?

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Maximize your ordinary to maximize their powerful hybrid, the same for the rare ones, otherwise you can maximize them without having to create their hybrid.

By ordinary do you mean common?

Diplotator 40,majungasaurus 40 + alanqua 40 = alangasaurus 40.

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sorry, in french, the ordinary written sound card.image

I advise you to maximize lots of rare and common to maximize their hybrid at lvl 40

You need a good pterasaur

K I’ll work on that. Prolly gonna go for lvl 20 pteranadon or sumt.

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You’re a little early in the game to start worrying about your lineup, maybe in a few lvls

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Hello @Patrick1255 welcome to the forums, just focus on level 40 commons and rares for now!

Hello! Yea I’m doing that now, just trying to max all my rares. Thanks!

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Cool lineup
I think you should deepen it before getting higher in ferocity