How can I see what «zone» I am in?

Hey! I did not know what you were talking about when I saw people talking about zones and spawns etc etc. Did a bit reading and I think I get it know, but is there a way to see what zone I am in?
And btw, what is the alliance all about?

Yes, but only on LG phones. Is that what you have?

What dinos u see around u at a certain time will tell you ur zone.

These are the spawning zones after the new big update (1.5)

image image

So basically all you need to do is take a look around and notice what kind of dinos are spawning near you, then you know in what local zone you are in that moment.

Remember, there’s always a very low chance that any Dino can spawn anywhere, so if you see a Dino extremely out of place, then that should be your explanation! (cit. Metahub)

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Im on L4 zone with ankylossaurus,raja and carnotaur :sunglasses: couldnt be better then this

that stinks that dimetredon is area 1 now… area 2 was the best place to go for deino, dime and dracorex all at once.

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When your using that pic to figure out your zone focus on the common spawns that are exclusive to a local. Ie diplo, eino, majunga, sucho

I would imagine JWA uses the same zones as PoGo, S2 cells.

(use 12, 12, 100)
It matches why I live in 1 and work in 3.

I’m definitely in zone 2 I get MILLIONS of einosaiurs…