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How can I understand which season are we?


Hi everyone, sorry for my grammatic that’s certanly not correct. I don’t understand when a season starts and when it finish. Which season are we right now?


We are in season 5. It ends on February 4th. Then we’ll probably get the update, and then they will announce a new season.

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What’s a season? Is it the new thing or a torniniment?


nah, its just the tournament


When is the update 1.6?

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Tomorrow (Monday 8:00 am EST)

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I’m hyped. legit.

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End of tournament tomorrow.
Maintenance tomorrow, but probably not update to 1.6 until later in week.

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It updates right after the torniment stops I think


You pridicted the update date lol.


Lol yeah! I forgot about this thread!

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We have found a time traveller!!

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if i had a dollar for every time you wrote something different instead of tournament, i would be rich dear sarah…

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I have never been a good speller lol.
I swear you are picking on me lol :joy:

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