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How can I win this?

This is the final lineup I have to vs today… The ferocity level of the Scaphognathus is 7256, and my strongest dinosaur ferocity is only 3391. I tried with dinos on cooldown and lost, any strategy I can use to win this?

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2-Indominus rex

  1. Amphibian with 384+ health
  2. Ophiacomimus
  3. Ostaposaurus

1: ostaposaurus
3:carnivores powerful or à amphibians powerful

How about mine?

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For @Alex_Artemenko
Amphibian with 212+health
Herb with decent attack
For @TripleT
Amphibian with 384+ health


Nunda or diplotator
Tany or tyran

I advise you to increase the ferocity of your herbivores!

he is right., your herbivores and pterosaurs need to be improved.

Stuck again.

Flyer with 272+ health



I guess I don’t know the play. Rex faces the crock with 5 points, and the crock passes for 7 next turn. As it turns out it has 1 armor. I can’t kill him. Now what.

Time to beef up your Pterosaurs

You could try putting Tanycolagerus in 1st position a bait to hold the Sacrosuchus. Use it to build up reserve to pass on to Labyrinthosaurus to take out the Sacrosuchus. If possible, you’ll want to try to keep Labyrinthosaurus alive to handle the Suchoripterus. If you can’t, pass on the reserve to Tyrannosaurus rex to take care of the rest.

tanycolagreus doesn’t … have to be a weak bait dino and use a point in defense to swap…
Like this…

I like using bait that can take a hit. It needs to be a Carnivore so that the AI won’t switch.

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even if it’s your number 1?

here a better
pterosaur with 300 hp, rexy, labylintosaurus…

Agreed, putting in tany first slot you at least know where you stand and can build reserve.

Putting a pterosaur and a weak one at that you never know if the ai is gonna switch or gonna stay put.

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let’s assume that no swap in my strategy will still have labyrinthosaurus to kill sarcosuchus XD

tany may be a good option but it’s his best dino
Number 1…

it will be a waste of potential …
in reality needs more depth like level 30 legendaries…