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How can I win this?

Personally I’m thinking tany, diplo, laby would work well in this match. And yeah he definitely needs to add more pterosaurs and herbs to his lineup.

OK, So bait, tany, labyrintho worked. This is my next stag


Level 20 Diplotator
Alangasaurus (or wait for/speed up T rex)
Level 30 Diplotator

This, and hopefully he switches to unay you block and build reserve with diplo 20 and let the last 2 creatures sweep.

Might attack round 1 with the baby Diplotator to help encourage the swap

True he can survive 2 hits so probably would do the same, I’m finding that ai switches less and less now and goes for 2 attack on their first turn, lost presto in an infinity battle due to this, wasnt taking into account the carnivores super attack :man_facepalming:


Diplo sandwich worked. The suchomimus died to the smaller diplo. Only then did the ai switch.

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a tip I can give you is to know the damage of dinos and the hits needed to knock out the AI and survive.

Another one, I really don’t know about this one.

Flyer with 266+ health
Any flyer
U need some more herbs and flyers

AI killed the first flyer with a 2 point attack and it was downhill from there.

I usually block a lot until I reach 4 points before I start reserving, you can try the same thing again or you can go carnivore bait to prevent swap, trop and rex can work too

Either way you have to get a bunch of reserves with the the bait

Level 1 throw away, diplotator, T-Rex.

This one requires just carries.

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note that your diplotator can 3 hits ostaposaurus and theresino has weak attack…
Always take advantage of these gaps :ok_hand:

see how AI can’t do anything even if I use two of the same type

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this carnivore event will be lacking dinos :sweat_smile:

Any Thoughts on this?

a dino to take blows(reserves);and the rest strong

thats what i did with my dilo for the first fight and ophiacodon cleans up the first 2 and mono takes out the strongest

this is the only way without having an advantage here…

something that can take 1 hit and reserve as much as possible.