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How can I win this?

Your welcom​:grin::+1:t2:

Need help here.

Diplotator, Trop, TRex and hope the AI switches in the flyer.

You could also do TRex, Trop, TRex and that should almost guarantee the flyer switches in.

Carni with 393+ health

You should go Amphibian, Carnivore, Carnivore

Carnivore with enough health to take a hit

Tried this, coz it made most sense. Won. Thanks.

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Doing my CoT battles now that I finally have my top dinos spare after last week. First 2 were fine, but this

is telling me that I need stronger flyers. I knew that. I have 4 L30 Tapejalosaurus with the plan to make the s-DNA hybrid, the trouble is they are perfect for tournaments as they are. So instead for now I am evolving my 2 L30 Tupuxara to make a L31+. This will also be more useful in Legendary Rumble events. Then I can use Eudimorphodon as bait, Diplosuchus for the Carni and Tupuxura for the Amphis, or maybe just go with a 3-flyer team.

Luckily there are still 14 days to go!


Then I thought: I could try L20 Eudimorphodon, L20 Diplosuchus, L30 Tapejalosaurus. And it worked, just. I stored, he attacked 2 rather than switching, Eudimorphodon survived by 17 HP and hit back with 3 for the kill. From then on I had the initiative and the advantage of more attacks. Just to prove it’s sometimes worth a try when you think you can’t win.

Tupuxara will still be worth having though.

Opponent ferocity seems incredibly high for your lineup, I get faced with 3 maxed VIP creatures but then my top creatures are around a level 30 indominus ferocity.

Yes, I was a bit shocked. CoT is normally a bit down on ferocity from F4F, this was a real step up. All I have added in the last week is the Monostegotops, and I have been carefully keeping everything under my L20 Indominus to try and keep the battles manageable. Maybe my ferocity is low for my park level, which has just gone up to 92.

Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. This is my first F4F battle this week. It’s much harder than last week’s. All I have done is put Monostegotops is the ferocity gap between my top Indominus and the Diplosuchus.

I could take everyone up a bit to help, but that just makes it all harder with the next events.

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That is haaaaaaaard.
Let’s see
Amphibian with 602+ health
2nd best herb or monostegotops
Diplosuchus/indominus rex

Block 1st turn. He will most likely switch to ptero
If he attacks then block 2. If he doesn’t, reserve 2. Why? He might’ve reserved.
On the if he attacks side, reserve 3. On the if he doesn’t, amphib may be dead. If so kill ptera
On the if he attacked turn 2, kill ptera as amphib will be dead. On if he didn’t, your herb will be dead. If not reserve all, block any extra points. If dead then kill seco
Should be a walk in the park from here

On my first try, he reserved with Seco, I hesitated and re-blocked, and he killed me. Second go I took a slightly weaker amphibian, he attacked that, then my battle plan worked and I was able to win. Tough though.

My second fight looked easier, but wasn’t - I lost twice before cracking it - forgot to screenshot that. This was the third

The Tupuxura finished evolving today and was very welcome! I used Osta, L20 Eudimorphodon, Tupuxara. He switched early to Grypho, into a straight blocking sequence with my Osta. When he attacked with 3 I switched to Eudimorphodon and killed Grypho. His carni then only needed 2 attacks to kill Eudimorphodon, leaving him with 2, so I stored 4 with Osta. He attacked with 6 and I was able to kill him and the last amphibians with Tupuxura.

Phew. Toughest set of F4F I have ever had.

COT is based off park level I believe, might have a cutoff around level 90? Those are the same opponent levels I faced at lvl 99 with way stronger creatures in my lineup.

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That is the toughest F4F I’ve seen for your ferocity.

Yes, it was a huge shock as last week’s was quite easy. I did go up to L92 on Sunday or Monday, so @Sionsith must be right that levels are involved. I am trying to improve my creatures but the hatching times for Tournament Legendaries mean it is taking forever.

Ah I see, i thought it was based off of ferocity, I knew that the difficulty was capped at level 40 vips however.

I just remember facing weaker opponents when my lineup was similar to @Icthyornis


should I try to fight it?

Yes,1 amphibien with 280 HP, 2 amphibiens et 3, prestosuchus.

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