How can they possibly justify making touramoloch worse?!?

Don’t waste your DNA making him, he gets nerfed every patch

But he just got buffed? :thinking:

What buff? I missed it I think

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I’m not sure yet because there a lot to know once everything goes live but I do not think this update will make him better.

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I think it makes it viable in some matchups now with ss change. Diloracheirus comes to mind. T1 slow, t2 stun, etc.

Idk though. Maybe nothing changed there.

dilocherious got a buff too

Yeah, minor, but i aint complainin!

buff* ^^ not complaining either

There’s no buff, there’s a tiny increase in base damage and a 25% decrease in damage on his best ability

Difference between rampage and impact?

And you think its a positive buff?

greater stunning rampage is 2 x dmg and greater stunning impact is 1.5x dmg @NiceGuy


Dilorach lost distracting impact to distracting strike. But gained rampage and run over imoact and run

Greater stunning rampage and ss stay the same

dilo gets an hp and damage buff too so that 25% dmg loss from impact to strike isnt to bad then.