How can we collecting supply from green poles w/o darting the flying dinos


For the orange poles and green poles with normal dinosaurs, there is no problem to collected supplies from these poles

For the Green Pole with flying dinos, I can collected supplies from the green poles with flying dinos that not fly (sitting beside the green pole), just change the view to the closest to the pole and then i can collected the supply from that pole…

but for the green poles with flying dinos that was flying, i’m not able to collect the supply from that poles, any suggestion on how to collect it?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


You can’t until the new update drops, this will fix the issue.


Actually you can & there are 2 ways to go about it:

  1. Maximize the screen and hit the green supply drop. Works on all flying dinos seated there.
  2. Remember exactly where the green supply drop is. Go to battle but cancel out immediately. Keep tapping where the green supply drop is when the normal screen pops up. Works on all dinos flying above the drop.


thank you for your advice ^^


Credits for item 1 where you maximize the screen goes to Cleverboy.


A variant on 2 works for me (thanks!) but I go to my collection click on a creature then once it has loaded switch to the map - seems to take longer to load the map making it easier to click on the drop. Doesn’t help when a passenger though - no time - so hope they fix it asap.