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How can we fix the ceratopsians

Honestly I miss the ceratopsians except you eniosuch I hated you soooo much anyway back on topic. I wanted to ask for way we can bring back the glory of the horned dinos back without bring back the OP monster that was 1.8 monostego (cause you can’t deny it wasn’t in some cases more op than maxima YOU CANT DENY IT :joy:). So I had some options but also leave your guys opinions, ideas, and concepts below.

(Ps this applies to all ceratopsians and there hybrids so dracoceratops counts cause it literally has ceratops in the name)
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So ceratopsians should be fixed by…

  • Focus more on stun and slow
  • Focus more on slowing and bleeding
  • Focus on taking hits and stalling the opponents
  • Focus on stunning and and bleeding
  • Focus on being multi tools
  • Focus on attacking
  • Focus more on defense
  • Stay the way they are

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Based on the results I’ll see if I can come up with concepts for them based on their ingredients and the results

By popular vote they shall be focused on slowing and stunning

Just make dig in stun and there you go

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So swap in stunning strike stays… hmmm… maybe that could work.

Lose the swap in strike, give it nullifying impact, increase it’s attack by a third and… oh hang on…

Honestly monostego wouldn’t be nearly as strong as before( though i wouldn’t consider her op before) even If It went back to exactly how It was before, simply because the meta doesn’t favor its tools, though iy would still be better than now.

No this move is strong but too cancerous like the rat before 1.11, #deleteswapinstrike

I don’t hate the way they are now, but i think there could be more variety and exclusive moves that could include bleed, shield, armor piercing, stunning, etc( not all in one move, but some combinations would be nice), not just depend on dig in as signature. For exemple, an armor piercing and bleeding move that bleeds for 1 or 2 turns would be interesting for triceratops.

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Idk about armor piercing but bleeding sounds good although it would have to be very small and quick amount

Yes, i didn’t throw any numbers here cause i don’t know exactly what amount would be balanced, but It could work as an impact or basic move with a small bleed, especially If they keep such a low damage.

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Ya I think that be cool

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Swap in damage 1x with 0.2 bleed. Wont hurt the new dinos with immune to bleed, but that would help some.

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Make them nullifyers.

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We need a unique ceratopsian idea

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Already done that mate

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I think stunning and defense should be their main role. No more swappy except maybe some swap in shields. They have giant face shields after all.

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Honestly, I like the way they are now. They’re different, and unique. Only change I would make is give Monostego null for something.

What if the Ceratopsians get their stunning impact moves back but in exchange they get Swap-in defense


I was thinking for a basic ceratopsian like triceratops; Decelerating strike, Dig In, Stunning Impact, and swap in defense. Then ofc the hybrids could be changed based on their secondary component.

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My man your a genius

They are laughable swap in garbage now, except in skill tournaments where are usually a must have in team.

Really don’t like why they did to Monostego. In arena I laugh always I see one of them. Don’t even need to care about damage they do.

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