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How can we make ceratopians great again

Well not just them but there hybrids.
In 1.9 the poor three-horns got massacred by the devs and It was super uncalled for. So let’s see how we can bring them back.

Monostegotops: legendary

  • Health: 4,200
    Attack: 1,300
    Speed: 116
    Armor: 25%
    crit: 10% (cause why would it have 20%)

  • long decelerating strike

  • Stunning strike

  • Distracting impact

  • Nullifying rampage
    immune to deceleration

( explication: monostego is supposed to beat stego but since it adds carnivore dna it should be less tanky in exchange for the higher attack and stronger moves and it should reflect more of it’s mono parent and less of it’s hybrid parent)
Stegoceratops: epic

Health: 4,650
Attack: 1,150
Speed: 112
Armor: 30%
Crit: 5%

  • Superiority strike
  • Thagomizer
  • Greater stunning impact
  • Greater stunning strike

Einiasuchis: rare

Health: 3,500
Attack: 1,400
Speed: 118
Armor: 10%
Crit: 5%

  • Decelerating strike
  • Armor piercing strike
  • Ferocious strike
  • Greater stunning strike

Yet these are my idea so let here yours and show ludia that our ceratopsians need some love.


  • Yes, Ceratopsians need a buff either stats/ kit change
  • No, they are fine as they are

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I kind of like them as they are. Swappy, mobile, high utility tanks that work well in conjunction with other swappy teammates. Besides, we already have high 1v1 win rate dinos with sauropods. Personally the only change I’d make would be immune to distract and null impact for something on monostego to be a hard counter for indog2. And even now, Monostego in particular is very strong.


I feel like nullifying rampage on monostegotops is too op

Eh idk everytime I face one it usually dies in two hits but anyone on my team

By replacing Dig in With whatever they had before and fixing their attack.

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Not really it does 2.6 k without going through armor it just be a great counter to erlidom and indo again

I think the only change for ceratopsians to be good again is to give them back their old stats.

I quite like them now but I do wish they had better damage though.

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They’re fine as they are. Their main strategy now is to get switched in, deal as much damage as possible, go for dig in if you feel like you’re going to die and swap out again just to do the same thing later again.

Hmmm now where have I heard that before.

Has ptsd from all the swap in and out

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True but then with dig-in, We’ll have super strong faster than Indoraptor monostegos running around and WE KNOW people will boost them to high heaven

Dracoceratops is more of a Dracorex than a Ceratopsian, because she loses Triceratops’ swap in stunning strike to Dracorex Gen 2’s swap in savagery.


I’m guessing you mean indo1 bc indo2 can speed up himself too.

Lol well ya but I’m saying that it has the same problem that draco had you can come in hit it stun the creature so you won’t get hit and then head swap repeat. At least with savegry you can now rely on shields and armor but not with that strike
Plus not a lot of creatures are immune to stuns so it basically a “free” swap in

You’re forgetting the completely Immune creatures. They’re Immune to stun too.

Hmmm ya have a point but in reality you only see a few of these

And while ya these is a lot some have very weak health or can’t do much damage (but there are exceptions ie. Indom, trysor,post, magna,maxima) plus I’m saying end game dinos

True but you also got to account that it does damage and if it gets its pre 1.9 stats back that gonna be a big hit especially with 20% crit and that It can go thru armor. And the fact they gave it to every ceratopsian is kinda cruel and unjustified sure maybe mono was too versatile and jack off all trade but ya could have just given it stat nerf or like changed distraction to idk null or change (insert here) to (insert here). But like making them mini rats for the sake of making them “more of slowers and stunner” like was just :triumph::weary:

But they’re used a lot. Plus, together with the previously mentioned creatures, that’s quite a few meta-relevant stun-immunes.
Plus after this week, you can expect to see more Maxima soon.

But Tryko, Dio, Spyx, Phorusaura, Thor and Allosino are all still free real estate.

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Don’t forget mammotherium

Swap in Stunning Strike doesn’t destroy shields, and Swap in Savagery can deal so much more damage than Stunning Strike most of the time. Let’s say you’re in a friendly battle, and all creatures are set to level 26. If you’re fighting against a Geminititan, a swapped in Monostegotops would only deal 1000 damage, while a swapped in Dracoceratops would deal 2400 damage. Plus, the arenas are overrun by immune creatures. I see a lot of Immune to Stun creatures, with which a huge part consists of Indoraptors and Indoraptor Gen 2’s

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