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How can we promote the game?

When PoGo was released I saw groups of people meeting up and walking about hunting their Pokemon. Although not as frequent I still see them mainly in the warmer months. We don’t seem to have that same local community for JWA. Pokemon are more popular than dinosaurs (although not cooler) I would guess.

I’d like to create this discussion for us to discuss ways to promote the game in our local communities. What are the things we can do to try and get new blood into the game and create something like PoGo has?

Personally I did create a local Facebook group for the game when it first launched but after a couple months those players other than myself had either given up or moved on to other games. Posting to the town Facebook page didn’t elicit any responses sadly.

I have seen random sanctuaries about town with dinosaurs in so I know there are players out there. With no way to communicate in game with users of a sanctuary all I could do was drop in some rare Epics for them if it helped.

What could we do as players of the game to promote locally and recruit new players?

I’d like to keep this as a positive discussion only please.



The presence of high profile Youtubers and leading community figures will undoubtedly help. Sadly there aren’t too many of them right now, and the few that were widely known have for the most part moved onto other things.


I see the same thing here. I have a Sanctuary all to myself with several others nearby, one usually is activated by someone else, but almost never has any creatures in it. So I know people play it here, but it’s just hard to tell who. It’s different for Pogo though, there can be a community day, and if I go downtown, I’ll see groups of people playing, same thing if there’s a special raid hour going on. Just a big difference between both game’s player bases.


Also with the way COPPA is being utilized where if a video does not claim to be for children or not that they would be fined over 50k dollars a video. So a lot of people are reluctant to post videos on Youtube.


COPPA is just the worst.


Indeed it is


YouTube is more global. I’m thinking of ways to promote and recruit on a local level.


Sorry, but I could not, in all good conscience, ever promote this game to someone in its current state. Ludia has so clearly made the game pay to get ahead. These are not micro-transactions either.

I recommended it in the beginning, but would not do so now.


No no no…promote it to your enemies. That’ll get them going. LOL


Personally I have found PoGo to have a much stronger local and real life community, but JWA has a stronger online community. That’s just in my experience though; I don’t know any real life JWA players but I have found many friends in several JWA discords etc.


Back last year i had quite a few people i had gotten to play… kids, brothers. Friends. At this point Im the only one still playing.

Its not the dinosaurs that scare people away its the grind. And newer players have it worse in some ways. Sure coins and incubators make some parts of it easier.

So many dinos are locked to certain days it makes level stuff harder… imagine making smilodon hybrid with pachy an arena exclusive and smiley only spawning on monday.

Back when i started id go out and hunt and get stegos, apatos, nodos… and after what was most likely to soon i got to make one of the strongest dinos in the game.

Now hunting is like… see those 10 majunga… go dart them but dont waste coins leveling or creating them… just keep darting them as much as you can a day. Do that as much as possible… and battle when you cant go out…and after a week of doing that youll get 1/2 the dna of a lvl 20 that opened an incubator this week.


I know how to promote the game…

Add a hybrid to smash! I’ve been thinking Utahsinoraptor, Erlidomimus or Trykosaurus. It will never happen, but it will bring so many players to the game, you won’t beilive it!


It’s been almost a year since I posted this. It’s the same now as it was then, nothing was fixed. It should probably be updated for all the extra bad parts of the game that were added since. Dino’s that know what day of the week it is… Park spawns, still no migrations… I can’t in good conscience become ludia’s marketing department for this product - they’ll have to do their own dirty work.


When I first started playing in July2018 I told everyone I knew about it and dozens of people downloaded it and played it. After a while my daughter and her friends stopped as did everyone else. I asked back then why and the reply was always the same. It is too expensive to buy incubators and so on.

Fast forward a year to now and it’s the cost of boosts that’s the reason that so many don’t play now. Everything is too expensive for a mobile game.

Earlier today and yesterday there were hundreds of people round here playing PoGo, including me and my family. And spending a few quid on extra storage for Pokemon was happily done by pretty much everyone as we got new shiny creatures and faced up against Team Rocket with our new teams. No one said how expensive the game had become, and everyone had a great time.

If the same amount of JWA players got together for an event I can’t imagine what the topic of conversation would be. But it wouldn’t be how it’s worth the extra few bucks for vip or how the incubators and boosts are worth buying!

So I believe Ludia need to drastically reduce the prices of extras in the game. And make it less of a pay to win game. Add skins, shiney dinos, exclusives etc…encourage the playerbase to engage more without feeling it’s a chore. And fix things like in game chat and maps.


Ludia have showed that they make region event. Exclusive for some players in some areas.

I think its a great idea to have this more social specific events on a few locations. Maby not a park. Maby not on a McDonalds. But on a specific place at some specific hour avaliable for all players.

Exklusive one-time events… !?


Lmao I’m just laughing at this segment xD This would be really fun though, even if we wouldn’t have all good things to say. You would probably hear things like “all maxxed boosts” “store and boost mascots” “stiff and pheonix” “thoradolo” “darn the prorat” “incomeraptor” “arena balance”“boosted to the moon” “crutch dino”…

But still it would be so fun. I still have a lot of fun on this game, If I one day got together with my mates and did a big hunt there’s no way it wouldn’t be a blast.


I was going to promote the game around my local a number of months back, but given all the issues and borderline criminal tactics used to increase sales, I couldn’t morally bring myself to recommend the game to anyone in its current state.

They reap what they sow =)


If that’s the case my puppet show probably just got me life in the electric chair.

I find this an odd reason because you don’t need to purchase them. JWA plays fine as a F2P game. I don’t buy incubators or anything. I pay for the VIP and that is it. Took me less than a year to reach 20th level as F2P.

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Your stuff looks like it would be geared towards children. You should be safe. Lol