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How can you report a potential cheater?

Someone showed me this level 9 player in Sorna Marses:

How can someone report it as suspicious of inapropriate gameplay?

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Yeah, don’t even bother. They don’t really do anything about it anymore… There are a number of proven cheaters populating the leaderboard right now. My guess is this person will be right up there by the end of the week. I’ll be sure to wave as they pass me by.


Unfortunately what rantz said is completely accurate ludia uses them to force us to spend thousands to keep up it’s a lost cause

It’s a dropper.
Dont need to report it.
Why do you even want to?
Play the game and find it yourself, its right under your nose.

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Not a dropper. Lvl 18 indom with erli and Indo? Not possible. Should have waited till after this weekend lol. Then maybe it could be possible


No, it’s not. Level 9 player who has a full team of unlocked uniques without having the ingredients for those (lvl 18 i-rex and lvl 22 indoraptor and erlidominus…)

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To report something to support. Click on your player lvl in the upper left hand corner in-game. Go to settings. And create a ticket in help & support. Add pics and your support key

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I think he meant to report it as a cheater.

This is very helpful, thank you. Didn’t even know that system after half a year playing… It’s easy to report cheaters that way.

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