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How can you report cheating?


I just beat a guy who had two IRex and two megalosuchus in his team, fortunately got lucky with crits and the fact he was…not very good


was probably a bot


But why would a bot get 2 of the same dino


Happens all the time, been happening for months, it’s a known glitch.


Hey Hamza_Salem, I’m sorry to hear that you had to face the same creature twice in a battle and I understand that it would have been confusing. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re still investigating. Luckily, this seems to only happen with matches against the AI, which means that it’s not another player that is spoofing or cheating during PVP. If this is happening in many of your battles, could you let our team know here at If you could also include your support key when you email our support team, it’ll be really helpful as well.


Its a bot and if u look at ur recent opponents his name wont appear either


If you haven’t got trophies from this battle, it was a bot for sure.


I thought they changed it to where you had to choose to battle a bot, once the timer timed out, you could CHOOSE to battle AI and not get trophies.
Seems like if this is the case, OP would have known he was battling AI.

…or is this ONLY for the top players, and the rest of us just get paired with AI without our knowledge or approval?


There’s a bug with battle starting when something goes wrong, you restart game and fight against a bot without selecting “fight AI”


A bug in this game?
Seems like that’s the go to answer to most any question about weird things/possible cheats.

“It’s a bug. A known bug”