How can you stay more active? I’m open to suggestions

I been noticing a lot great talent in JWA that loses interest once they reach 4-5k trophies
How can we combat that issue


Have better matchmaking in Arena. Introduce pity matches in Aviary too.


Encourage people in the alliance to do non-pvp battling. Hosting alliance friendly battles is a good way to do it.

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Good and friendly alliance for me, but i guess i don’t get it in my current alliance…

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Do something to prevent droppers.
Stop the reset every month for everyone below 6000 trophies.
Add more arenas.
Make rewards better the further you progress.
Doing this will give hope and allow for progression in the arena past the point that so many players are stuck in at present.

You can progress from 0 - 4000 in next to no time but then it slows down till it grinds to a halt at 5200 for so many players who then just stop pvp altogether.


Do you need a new alliance? Mine has space as long as you’re active on Discord and you do your dailies.

No thank you bud
I’m actually recruiting for my alliance

But I’m asking this question because this is the issue I keep running into with my players

No thank you buddy, i’d rather retired from this game it just getting chaotic every week.

I don’t think it’s worth retirement if you still enjoy playing some parts of it

Definitely stop the resets every season. It’s only pushing more and more people down, especially with the top 50 hoarding trophies. If Ludia doesn’t find a way to generate some inflation for the trophies, we will all soon end up with less than 1000 trophies.

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I am that group
I have been stuck between upper Lockwood estate and lower aviary , in that trophies range

Matchmaking in that range is really awful , from players who have advanced uniques to players who put crazy boosts on legendary and epic creatures out of lack of uniques

I don’t want to behave like droppers in order to get rewards but also I don’t want to waste my time fighting unfair matches

I am advocating for limit on the boosts based on the class - let cunnings be fast as they’re supposed to be , resilient slower with lower damage and fierce most powerful faster than resilient but slower than cunnings

Therefore you wouldn’t have situations with resilient creature with 134 speed, which I believe goes against the class system , given how resilients aren’t supposed to be fast

I believe boost limit would reinforce plays based on the classes and skill instead of the amount of money used to buy the boosts


My problem with Ludia is that they keep adding more and more creatures when they should take a step back and fix the glitches and known issues that players have
The arena is so unorganized and match making is garbage
Over all the game is fun there is a lot of things to enjoy, I would add a function where players can be friends and chat from different alliances but not everyone agrees with me also being an international game it would help to google translate or at least give people the power to translate

Anyhow I’m on discord for people interested in chatting my name is KingHawashin(EST)#3830

The only thing that keep that game going is the alliances (so you need a good one). And best thing to do within the alliance is to join a coop (that will force your members to communicate with each others properly otherwise it won’t work). Once communication is solid, the bonus is that doing raids is fun. We have peak hours where whoever want to do raids is pretty sure to be able to do so, otherwise, still great support anytime. Once this is done, you’ll find out that everybody is helping everybody, which make the game truly enjoyable. We have very little turnaround. Most of our players are with us since the alliances were launched. The few that have joined us climb so fast that they always stick with us. If it would not be for how friendly our alliance is, I highly suspect many of us would have quit a long time ago (including myself).


I agree with @real_gambler .
But the amount of good allies are gone down.
There are now much allies where the “old players” playing there raids together and the new ones are left behind or just taken with if they miss a player.
But they want them to help in weekly which doesnt work.
For me always a thing of giving and taking.
Thats a really bad thing thats now going on.
For me always was that everyone should get their raids cause everyone also is working for the success for the alli and raids also gets you on weekly forward.
Ludias changes made the game not better.
All those changes screwed up much and they never do a bugfix update.
So only thing that makes you play is in fact the alli.

If you are looking for a good alliance my guys are always helpful in raids and donating dna

My discord is KingHawashin(EST)#3830