How cc season 4 will change Jwa

This is like How cc season 3 will affect Jwa.

So far we don’t have much info on the new season rather than that it is most likely coming out in December.

My prediction for CC season 4 update in Jwa is most likely Early January.

Here is my prediction for the update schedule
2.11= Mid-October
2.12 = Mid or late November
2.13 = Early January

Hopefully more information will release overtime giving us more information on the update and show.

Also Ludia we need a story like JWTG has but that means the level cap need to expand to maybe 30.


Update usually late or early of the month…

So some creatures from the show we could see. The creatures that are missing from the show are rexy, the barry trio, toro and ceratosaurus. Perhaps ouranosaurus cpuld go through some moddel change like suchomimus. Monolophosaurus probably won’t have a moddel change since the camp cretaceous version could make it as monolophosaurus gen 3 or as a non hybrid legendary like para lux


Uh no! Ingame Mono was meant to be Mono of CC, as you can see they use both gen of ingame mono for two Scorpius Rex, and CC Mono does not that worth to be a Non-hybrid Legendary… Rexy is more reasonable hehe

Yep rexy would be a better non hybrid legendary


yea simply cause she a legend :heart_eyes:


Plus we already have 3 epic compers. No need for making rexy an epic like bumpy

what do you think?


That’s an nice version for rexy. However i would have gave her two new abilities.
Group Crushing rampage and allert intimitation.
Group crushing rampage : remove armor, bypass doge, increase damage, target all

Allert intimitation : increase speed, remove all possible, distraction 50 %

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I think its a bit too over powered for a legendary to be honest.

How to make it less Op?

Maybe remove one of the rampage.

Since the mini-teaser dropped for season 4 we can confirm the season comes out on December 3, 2021.

If we do get the update it would most likely be late December

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