How close can u get


Has anyone else noticed that ya can’t get closer to dart a Dino than 4 mtrs. After I’m right on top of it, it still says 4 mtrs, then another step an I’m 9mtrs away!?! Does this happen to everyone else?
I’m assuming that u can’t get so close to a Dino!?! Lol


I’ve got 6 feet from a couple, but that’s the closest I’ve managed. I wonder where the measurement is taken from. Head? Tail? Belly? I’ve definitely seen some at the other end of the scale where the feet are within darting range but it still wont let me without getting closer :rofl:


Do you with this comment bud?


2 is the lowest I’ve gotten. Always wanted to hit 0 but I don’t think you can.


Idk I’m not American I think you’re just rude


Hang on… let me just get my violin


I get 3m regularly but not lower.


Why do that when you can leave


Nope not American either. :joy: