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How close is "close enough"?

I was walking up to a T Rex and wanted to get really close so I would have maximum time / battery life to dart him. When I was 20 feet away he despawned and was gone. Dagnabit, that raskley critter got away.

So my question is how close do you have to get in FEET before you have maximum time? Do you get the same amount of time at 50 feet as 10 feet?

How close is close enough?

Thanks for your comments in advance.

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tap on the dino. look at the battery, if it’s full, you are close enough. i think 40-50 feet is a full battery.

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From testing it, full battery for F2P players is 20m or less, and for VIP is 40m or less. You can get “close enough” though so long as you’re in the green you should have a reasonable amount of shots at DNA.

Unless of course you’re more like me, where one dinosaur I’ll be Robin Hood regardless of range and get 9/10 direct hits, and the next dinosaur which is common and 2 millimeters away from me I’ll be Stormtrooper 1,002,347 with the accuracy of a wet blanket.


That is a really, really good question.

yes. it’s the same. distance does not matter if you have a full battery.

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I don’t really pay any attention to the exact distance, I go by the colour of the button. If it’s green, I’m good to go.

Nooooo! I wanted that Sinoceratops :cry:

I don’t have VIP, but I know I’ve had a full battery at 50 feet, maybe more. I’ve had plenty of good dartings at greater distances too. When I go on my usual afternoon hunt later today I’ll see how far away I can get before the battery level drops.

I can’t go up there and get it because its below freezing here :sob:

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Mmmm Frozen Dinoburgers!

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The developers are so hurtful :cry:

OK, after yesterday’s hunt I discovered that I have full battery until I reach 100 feet, then it starts to drop. I can still get a decent amount of DNA until I’m several hundred feet away.