How come a smilodon kills a Trex as easy as a pie?

HP 5287

HP 3646

Smilodon can easily 2-shot kill a much bigger and stronger TREX (1775x3= 5325 > TREX HP 5287). Where is the logic? Smilodon attack too high, or Trex HP too low??


Because it’s a game and you might be reading real world ideas into it. It might be named Tyrannosaurus and look like one but really it’s just a set of numbers.




I’ve always wanted T-Rex to get a slight health buff. It’s very necessary. I’m also biased since I’m one of the few running T-Rex. But hey, I gotta look out for my Brutus. There are a few things they could do to T-Rex to make it the dino it should be, but I’m not gonna complain too much. I think it was buffed last time they did anything so I don’t wanna push my luck. They really should make it live up to its reputation though. This game doesn’t do it justice.

I really hope my Ancalagon(T-REX) to have a Distracting Strike or ID or even some counter strike.

Velo’s can do the same thing at high levels.

I like playing Smilodon on my 2nd account for that big strike and 2nd paw dodge. If the dodge works, I get another big strike. In the lower arenas, there isn’t too many things faster.

I do have counters when pulled on me. I countered a higher smilodon with a lower one.

Smilodon is good but has a couple dreadful weaknesses. Just slow it, stun it or nullify it. It turns into a harmless playfull kitten.

Have you seen that the dracoceratops destroys armor and shields in one bite? or that the marsupial lion is capable of seriously injuring a sauropod despite its difference in size and without ambushing from the trees? and not to mention the spino or velociraptor, literally in the movies were deadly monsters, but in the game are … ammm … cute.

call it ‘’ logic of Jurassic World Alive ‘’

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