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How come Alliance rewards haven’t changed

Alliance rewards should of changed today but still showing same, why ?

The Alliance missions are broken again. Not counting incubators of any kind.

They stay for 2 weeks

They should of changed today

2 weeks end today.

*Should have

Ya I know…


Hi everyone,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The Devs have been made aware and looking into it.


Same reason we still have 4th of July drops on Aug 11th…
Lack of give a


August 14th…


Give me the Dilo I was promised or I’ll riot :smile:

Just kidding of course… or am I??

It’s a good thing though, that devs are looking into it, cause I really need that dino and this cannot go sour again, not now, not when there is Dilophosaurus in there

Hi all,
Here is the official response.

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The official response is crap, this was y’all’s mistake but we get punished for it!