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How could i improve lineup?

i rushed levels 50-54 so that’s why the legendaries that i’ve unlocked are lvl 20, but i was wondering what i could do to improve my lineup and start getting predator/dom in tourneys

We have very similar line ups!!

  1. Save DNA (this can be done by increasing coin production by putting Park Oasis and John Hammonds around dinosaurs and using the coin to buy Apato Fossils and they trade for 1,600,000 coin, 800,000-1,000,000 food, 300-500 DNA and 300-500 Bucks)
  2. Progress to lvl 30 legendaries
  3. Upgrade to support lvl 40 legendaries
  4. Grind modded PvP to get Ragastegas
  5. Most PvE battles give a pack/spin wheel for dinos. Hatch all of them as it is a good way to save DNA and get legendaries lvl 30/40 for free (i.e. I have won 11 shunosauruses since the bracketed tournament about 9-10 months ago so I have a lvl 40 and 30 for free)
  6. When you have lvl 40 legendaries, fuse for a lvl 40 Diplotator and get diplosuchus to lvl 5-8
  7. Get rare and super rare hybrids like nundagosaurus (get 2 at 30 when you have lvl 40 legendaries) tapejalosaurus (if monolophosaurus is unlocked) 2 to lvl 20 etc
    8.Get super rares to lvl 40
    These are in no particular order
    Hope this helps :+1:

You can already hit predator, as for dom, levelling up your legendaries is a good idea.
20 ankylodocus and diplotator 30 work in dom so level them up but not yet as right now that would unbalance your line-up.
Save your LPs and get VIPs from the solid gold packs, they help a lot even at level 10.
Try your luck at modded, rajastega works in dom at level 10, spinoraptor is already good at 20, and you can get some free diplotators.
If you have a stegosaurus maxed, stegoceratops also helps at level 20 but considering that you already have ankylodocus, this might not be necessary.
Tapejalosaurus and nundagosaurus are all great additions but you require locked creatures to obtain them.
Tropeogopterus is a rather costly and weaker alternative to tapejalo but it works, and you might be forced to work on diplotator instead of nundago but as I said before, they come plenty from modded pvp so you don’t have to waste your DNA.

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i have monoloph unlocked and i have tapejara lvl 30 and some are hatching. as for vip creatures i’ve gotten 4 but they were aquatic and cenozoic. thanks for the help🙏

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it does help. thanks🙏

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I know how that feels Cough 1 land 4 aquatic and 1 cenozoic
Happy that it helps


We have very similar lineup!

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