How could I possibly pass up turtle week?

I’ve got a job to finish. The tourney was kind of fun, too. Too bad the arena sucks worse than ever.


Bet that turtle was a monster in the tourney

Are you dino engineer?

Now all I still gotta see in life is a mutant ninja turtle that outspeeds a SuperThor and punts it down a golf hole
That is one shiny turtle

Using Epic Scents in parks increases your chances.

Teenaged Boosted Monster Turtles =D, that would be a sight to see!

@ratso_rizzo Nice work on getting so high btw, I bet the non chompers you face dread seeing it lol.

I can hear the opponents Erlidom now “Nooooooo, damn you and your bajillion % armour!” lol

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No. Just someone who quit the game a short time ago, but is too obsessed with completing my turtle to stay away this week. Since it’s the hybrid chase I figured I’d see if I could get it done, or close enough that just a few more days in the park would take care of it. Then I’ll uninstall again.

Oh yeah the turtles are out there

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