How could strike event station "eat" so many green supply!


I live in a little city, and the closest park is about 3km away from here.
I always ride a bike from school to there, and inspect all 14 green supply stations along the road.
It spent an full hour, because many traffic lights and cars on the street.

But I notice those strike event stations are eating all green supply spots so obviously, only in this week.

Tuesday, those strike event stations replaced 3 green attempt points.
Now its Wednesday, new strike spots take out the closest one, which is 300m away, and the only one green supply I could directly check from here.
It’s midnight in here, so couldn’t go out and see the other event supply drops.

How could they do that?
Shouldn’t strike event stations stagger green supply drops?
Also, they never cover green supply so frequently before!

Too many strike tower replace event supply!
Almost half of event supply replaced by strike tower. What's wrong now?

Agree, event drops should not be replaced by strike event.

In my town 3 of 4 was replaced.
Leaving one to collect 48 galli :joy:

And the number of event drops should be increased. A large town nearby has 2 ??

A lot of green areas/parks in the game has 0.


I agree. I hate when a strike SD corrupts a green one.
Make green SDs “untouchable”, so they could be always available


Strike tower should disappear after finished, like treasure box.


That’s a great idea, not only for green supply, also for those dinos shaded by strike stations.
Missed useful dinos so much times.

I can see strike stations replace 2 of 4 green supply drops on a mountain trail.
If strike event stations keep increasing, just can’t imagine how many green supplys will survive.

(Strike events themselves are good, but once you complete, those stations becomes some annoying thing)


Yes definetively these need to be fixed:

  • Increasing green supply drops to make happy people that don’t live in huge cities
  • Don’t allow Green SD to be replaced by a strike event / chest
  • When an event is finished (not only chests, but also dino event and strike event) this should be no longer shown in the map. Of course Green SD and Orange SD must be there for spinning. This will make happy people that live in huge cities and their map should be clean and faster to load.


I knew I posted this yesterday, so this article might be fused.
But the situation is seriously worsen, so I got no other choice but open a new thread.
I spent full 2 hours, ride over 10km, and could only complete 3 attempts.
How could this be so much difficult?

The following is my new investigation, show how many event supply got replaced

1.Mountain trail, 2/4

2.Little park/ grass, 4/12
They spread in 8 little parks / grass, and the ratio must be higher.
Because I checked some place I didn’t arrived in Monday, so couldn’t know the actual amount.

3.Big park, 4/9
I check 2 parks, one got replaced 1/5, the other got 3/4.

Honestly, strike tower never replaced more than 1/4 event supply at past several weeks.
So I think their strike tower spread program might adjusted, make green supply more easily been displaced.


I spent full 2 hours outside, checked at least 25 event supply.
See 11/25 of them, that means 11 got replaced by strike event.
Almost half, just too over!

Here’s a narrow park, must been 4 green supply, now only left 1.
Others got replaced by strike event.

Ludia obviously adjust strike tower distribution formula, and let green event supply easier been replaced.
So I could only complete 3 attempts on Dilopho, so much disappointed.
Couldn’t imagine how it will be if more strike events released.


Here’s the detail report:

  1. Mountain trail, 2/4

  2. Little park / grass, 5/12
    I checked 11 parks with 12 green supply, 5 got replaced.
    Must be more, because not able to check all points on Monday.

3.Big park, 4/9
Check 2 parks, one got replaced 3/4 (the narrow park showed below), another got 1/5.