How could we make the current tyrants even stronger, move kit wise

This is just a joke thread. Do not take any of this seriously, and good grief, do not do ANY of this, Ludia

Diloracherius: change distracting strike to distracting impact

Erlidominus: change rampage to armor piercing rampage, and give it impact and run

Dracoceratops: …

Trykosaurus: give it definite rampage and armor piercing .50 counter attack

Erlikospyx: change precise rampage to definite rampage

Thoradolosaur: give it armor piercing rampage in place of defense shattering impact. Once that first turn ends…

Utarinex: give it superiority strike and swap in definite strike

Diorajasaur: change superiority strike to defense shattering strike

Any other ways we can break the tyrant even more, please tell me :wink:

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“Seeing as how no one is using the new tanks we gave you, we’ve decided to give Dracoceratops Swap in Defense shattering rampage again.”


DC’s new moveset

Rampaging 3x damage as it is a rampage and a strike combined

Definite rampage

This move is really fun to troll my opponent Rampage. Deal your opponents health exactly. Heal 100% health. Automatic swap. You choose which creature your opponent uses next. Also this move has no cooldown and delay😁

Infinite stun. All your opponents creatures are stunned for the entirety of the battle. No cooldown or delay as well😁

Swap in gloat. DC wins the battle instantly by gloating how OP it is then it shoots out a red beam that disintegrates your opponents team so they can never do them again


That last move xd hackoceratops

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Honestly, us not using tanks is ludias fault, as they made the tanks barely usable. The combination of thor, bleeders, and a ton of ways to bypass armor, and the fact that tanks lack damage really makes them not preferred

Erlidominus could get the old cloak back, armor piercing rampage, and rampage and run

Thor could have all it’s shattering moves swapped for definite moves and instant charge swapped for instant rampage

Erlikospyx could get 20% Crit, that datamined bleed move that does 40% bleed for 2 turns, and definite rampage

Tryko could have its counter become that new 1X Slowing counter so you can never out speed it :joy:

Dioraja could get 20% crit and ferocious Impact instead of ferocious strike

I think you nailed utarinex lol

Diloracheirus could have swap in distraction and distracting impact

Dracorat could go back to swap in DSR, swap speed up strike for defensive stance, swap acute stun with instant distraction, and swap rampage with stunning rampage. That way Erlidom can’t one shot through the shield, Thor can’t one shot through distraction, and it still gets to stun lol

I think a shield and invincibility rework of what can and can’t break certain shields would be a huge buff for tanks

The only one I still use is Trago since it’s viable outside of just tanking hits

Heres the thing:

People say that Stegod and Tragod counter dracoceratops. To me anyways, they dont.

A counter is something that can come in on something and survive, then kill it back.

The two get the surviving the swap in rampage part right, but they lack the damage to kill it, and rat could easily heal up and run. If anything, tanks need a damage increase

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Removing SS on dioraja would be a nerf :joy: this thread tho. Why?

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Thor with a 1X counter attack & Instant Rampage

i couldnt think of anything else. maybe make the ferocity strike Ferocious Impact?

Cuz i have nothing better to do. It’s a joke thread, dont take it too seriously

Dilorach used to have distracting impact i think. That was before it had rampage and run though. I forget what it was exactly but they gave it strike instead so it wasn’t throwing haymakers on the first attack.

As they give Thoradolosaur 1680 base attack and an impact to use turn 1, let alone boosts

Ludia: :+1:

Give Thor 143 speed.