How’d you do in tournament 2?

Pheewwwww just cut it!

A huge congrats to everyone who broke 4250, 4500, 4750 or just had fun!!


Is it definitely over?
I haven’t had an incubator running in a week I wanna fix that before I go to sleep.

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Couldn’t hold on to 4k. Congrats to you all that did good.

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I am in the same boat as you😂

NIce one @Hersh. Finally scrapped into the prizes with 3 back to back wins this morning giving me 4258; was nip tuck and relied on a crit from my final attack of the third battle. :beers:


Didn’t fight for days

My team when i stopped

My team now, i could have probably got higher but didnt want to risk it

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Thanks and also congrats to you too @Hersh! :partying_face:

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Fell to 101 with about 10 minutes to go, figured I’d fight once more to see if I could bump back up to over 100. Ended up winning. Not too bad a finish considering I didn’t battle for the last two days. About 10 places better than my finish in the first tourney.


I’m as close to 100% positive it’s over as I can be :joy:

The new Halloween strike events have popped up in my map now

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After being a long time between 4300 and 4420, dreaming of reaching 4500, on Friday I was brutally reduced to 4100 after losing game after game against incomprehensible teams that had less than 4200 but whose creatures were worthy of a top500 (indoraptors of 23, stegodeus of 25, Monomimus of 20, …). It was a desperate few hours in which I stopped enjoying and I got to consider leaving the game for a while. Luckily, at the end of Saturday I returned to normal by easily reaching 4300. I made a last effort to reach 4500 but yesterday I went down to 4253 and I was waiting for the end of the tournament. It’s the first time I see my empty incubator box :slight_smile:


My goal was to be above relentless but boy that was hard :sweat_smile:

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First I want to congratulate all if you reached the top 500… what an awesome achievement. :1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::3rd_place_medal::medal_sports::trophy:

Congrats also to everyone at 4,250 trophies or more! The competition was fierce. And if you just missed it… you will get there next time.

I started out with 4,470 this morning (couldn’t do much this weekend due to work) and had a realistic chance to reach the second tier of rewards starting at 4,500. I guess the only players battling this late were trying to do the same, it was a back and forth…

With 20 minutes to go I lost to a friend who ended up with 4,528 trophies and my goal was out of reach. I felt good that he had reached his, though, and had an idea. So I decided to deliberately lose from then on to possibly help others do the same - and let me tell you losing on purpose is not as easy as it sounds! It appears this may have worked for my last two opponents. At that point I was at 4,294 and decided I had better stop before I lost the minimum reward!

I had hoped for better, maybe next time. But honestly I need a break from tournaments :grin:


I was over 4300 last week, but then I got my indoraptor and promptly moved back to the marshes. :rofl:

(Honestly didn’t even know when the tournament went through though, cuz I just want incubators)

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Ended up at 60. Ehhh whatever

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My rank keeps changing :frowning:

Something of note for people who haven’t been battling, the kill 10 dinos incubator stacks i am on to my 3rd one already


Congrats to everyone that made it, and well done to those that didn’t, but fought hard for it. I hope to join in, probably around Tournament 4 or 5! :joy:


inside 4750. tried to convince myself it was worth it to try to get top 500 this time, but $10 of in game resources wasn’t enough incentive.

do you battle every day? if you don’t battle for a couple days, you don’t lose them. they kind of stack up. not sure how many they will let you stack up though.

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Ended up top 100 with a horrible RNG streak.
Paramoloch with literally 9 stuns in a row (1 in 700) for instance.
For a tournament that lasts 3 weeks it’s sad to see having a 2 hour streak like that (0.2% of the tournament ) determining double rewards or not.
Besides the problem that is RNG, I’d like to see the tournaments with a more milestone-like build, similar to the green jersey in the tour the france for example ^^