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How did everyone do on darting paramoloch and tuoramoloch?


I only got 119 on paramoloch. I messed up and didn’t exit game fast enough to go for a retry and so only got 119 dna. The kicker is my paramoloch is now LVL 19 with 249/250 dna :persevere:. So I messed up on that but o well.
Tuoramoloch on the other hand I retried a dozen times and finnaly settled on 156dna.

How did everyone else do?


132 para/135 tuo


How do you get to retry? I got 120 para and 122 toura

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Happy with my score, I’ve only darted paramoloch so far. Almost forgot about darting para so I went out on a quick walk at 3am lol.


Lol I kept retrying Tuoramoloch and finally gave up and just took my 150ish

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Exit the game just after the dart total shows up then relanch the game and it won’t count.
Try it on a common next time to get used to it.
Harder to do with wild spawns because you risk it despawning. But the event Dino’s are good for using this method.


Sounds like cheating.

Anyway, 149 para and 97 Tuo


I was told by someone in metahubs discord a few months ago ludia told them this was an intentional design to prevent the possibility of a disconnect keeping someone from getting a bad dart.


It’s also why they don’t show spawn timers.
Risk vs gain


Yeah if this bothered them in anyway they have showed with the recent depot bug they can fix something pretty quick… this has been around forever.


And supply drops have always had the respin bug allowing you to respin it with no cooldown after performing another action. Starting to think it’s not a bug but rather intentional. Especially thinking back to how pogo works and how often a stop would bug and not let you spin it again. So this seems opposite


When can I unlock that scorpion? :scorpion:

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Pretty happy with the result :slight_smile:



90 Para & 85 Toura.


140 on Paramoloch

164 on Tuoramoloch

Level 18, VIP, so I guess not too shabby, but could’ve been slightly better.

At least this guarantees me unlocking Tuoramoloch once I get enough coins to bring Paramoloch to level 20 and Tuojiang to level 20, all the way from level 11.

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141 Paramoloch and 139 Touramoloch. That 9 will forever annoy me >.>

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This is impossible, no one could get this!! Especially they cheat and make him move extra erratically, shorten the time, shrink the target, etc. etc.


Got 186 on Para and 136 on Toura

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Got 52~ on Paramoloch, and 72 on Tuora.

The Tuora, for whatever reason, darted a LOT easier for me than other Legendaries and Uniques that Ludia’s offered in past Showcase Events. Not sure why that is…but maybe I just had a good darting day. :woman_shrugging: