How did I discover mortem if I have 0 Dna

So i was going through the creatures I didn’t unlock and I saw that I discovered mortem but I don’t have any Dna

How is this possible


i have no ideal how that happened but it is probity just a glitch i don’t know?

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It also happened to my alliance mate. He thinks its because he did a raid with a mortem but I don’t think thats why


It’s started happening to me as well this patch. I think you discover them after you fight one in Arena. It may have started for doing raids too, but I’m not sure.


ok then if that is true then i don’t think i will need to worry about that because i am in arena lock-down.

It’s probably because you were in a raid for it. I discovered that by doing apex raids with alliance members and I suddenly discovered them, despite not winning.

I haven’t had this bug myself, but I did find an interesting thing where I could “bookmark” an undiscovered creature, then go to filter options and select that bookmark used and then select and see the hologram and all for that creature. This was a once time thing for me though as after that it never worked again


I don’t think that’s a correct reason, i face and beat Parasaurolophus Lux twice and i still don’t discover it yet lol

Huh, cause I just discovered Mortem and Refrenantem recently, and I haven’t fought either of them since 2.10 came out and they were hidden before that. But they’re no longer hidden, and I happened to fight both of them. I even had Refrenantem get unhidden immediately after I fought one in arena. That can’t be a coincidence.

Was it Parasaurolophus Lux or Hadros Lux? If Parasaurolophus, maybe it just affects the Apexes?


you have a lot of epics that you have not unlocked

I know I’m always busy

Parasaurolophus Lux. The Legendary pink one.


Yeah maybe it only applies to Apexes

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I discovered MAGNUS and TREBAX after I faced them in Arena… Well this is Nice…


If you do a raid and lose it unlocks it as discovered, even though you didn’t get any DNA.

I purposely did a solo raid for Ref just for this purpose, so I would have it discovered and not grayed out, even though I never bother to raid it.


Happened with me also never participated in any of the raids of Mortem or Trebax. But still I have them discovered.

It does work. I did it on megalonyx and gorgotrebax

I think it’s like some people say, because the same thing happened to me after facing a person in the arena who had Refrenantem and Gorgotrebax and I had 0 DNA both, but I could see their cards after that battle.

I never faced a mortem in an arena