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How did the top players get enough Irritator and Proceratosaurus DNA?


Was going thru the leaderboard and noticed many max level Magna and Procerathomimus near the very top. How did they did do it?

It takes an astronomical amount of Irritator and Procera DNA to take them to level 30 and these are incubator/event exclusive dinos. Has there been special for-sale incubators that featured them? But even with that (plus all the events so far) it’s really hard for mortals like myself to imagine ever collecting close to (if not more than) 6-figure DNA of these components. Farming in lower arenas for them surely can’t yield that much?


Open ur wallet :credit_card::credit_card::credit_card:


Other than that its maximizing upon the events. Really all u can do


But what do you buy to get them??

  1. Some pay to speed up every incubator they can…


  1. have multiple accounts they use to max irritator events and put them in the same alliance to funnel DNA to their main account

We’re talking about close to (if not over) 6-figure DNA here. Even making the best use of all the events couldn’t have resulted in that much, right? I’ve been darting all exclusive dinos every time they were featured but am still no where near enough…


No, but spending thousands and thousands of dollars does


And yes, assuming a 20 average fuse rate. U need 75k irritator dna once ur magna is created to max it


Imagine actually being able to average 20 per fuse on a Unique. That would be amazing :confused:


My last fuses on Erlidom were 40, 50, 10, 30, 20. It’s not enough for a real test but i averaged 30 for those attempts. All done on separate days though, not in 1 session.

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Ever one of my Erlidom fusing have been ten and still 10 away from leveling.


There is such a thing called donations. :wink:

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I think @Hersh nailed it. Either speed up those incubators or multiaccount and donate to yourself :smiley:

I think if you had sped uo the incus before 1.5 you woulf of had more irritator as there was less dinos to choose from


Maybe they live in area L6 or L7 and so on…
but not L5 lol


There’s only one apk mod out there that needs to be blocked. Other than that it’s all :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

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the extended battery hack has been out for the better half of the game i would imagine.


This game need these 4x components to be “Best of the Best”:-

  1. Money
  2. Fully dedicated/grind player
  3. High enthusiasm to play this game
  4. Duration of play/oldness/veteran-ness in this game (of courseee wont be the same with newbie who just started)

you need all 4x component above to be the “Best of the Best”. Just have 2 or 3 components?? dont ever dream of it… Those just enough to be ordinary “Best”.

…now back to this post tittle, yes, those same answers for their irri.


I still think the epic/rare categories are a bit random. It doesn’t make sense to me that I find more epic pyroraptor than rare irritator…


I always wondered how somebody could have multiple accounts. Do they have many phones and tablets or computers or what? So much effort for this?


Are you on vip level 20?