How did we all do darting Velo?

I found that to be an interesting mission. I managed to get all 36 in although some were farther away than I hoped for. I still ended up with around 7400 dna and was able to level I raptor to a 22 wth 3000 left over :grin:
Thanks Ludia!

Sitting with 12,000 spare velo here now. I’m going to hold on till after my darting attempt are done on indo on Sunday :slight_smile:

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On 33/36 - can see two supply drops from my office so keeping an eye out for Velo - last two appearances at both have been Allo and Tany :frowning:
Got my Indo to L23 and is on 27/200; I-Rex has 50 and Velo 26. Halloween has really boosted Indo. Hoping to get to L24 before the end but that’s probably optimistic.
Got a lot of wild ones too - with and without scents.

Havent darted many. Having low motivation for this game right now. Got maybe 8 raptors and 17 event dinosaurs total and not going to get anymore.

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Is that down to the cold weather?

Velociraptor is common as anything around my town so I didn’t really pay attention if they were wild or from the event drop.

All 36. Sitting on 28000 DNA. Not sure if I’m going to keep evolving indoraptor

So, my inodrap has been able to be levelled up for a few weeks now, but I haven’t dropped the coin on it (until this morning). That being said, I never stopped darting v-raptors and after the event (I got all 36) I had 57K! Fusing indom to make more indo I’m already down to about 28K… but when I can afford the fusions, should be ready to save up for an evolve to L27 indo.

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i went mostly with tany since v-raptor spawns like rabbits at night, and tany hardly ever does.
nearly 60k v-raptor right now. for sure indorpator is lvl 26 by this weekend, 27 if i’m lucky :crossed_fingers: :pray: :four_leaf_clover:

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Did all 36 on velociraptor and I only have 3k remaining.
I’ve been burning all trying to make my Indoraptor. Currently sitting at 200/250.

Finished on 34 Velos and one Allo; raining now so will pass on the last attempt.

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0 event supply drops for me…

Yes. I have tried couple different touch screen gloves but I cant get nealy as much dna as before without gloves even if I am one level higher. Also quite depressing thought that I can’t be competive anymore :joy: Here is way less event supply drops than before. Also before I was able to gather every dino I wanted but even then I had to work my ass off. Now it’s going to be impossible :see_no_evil:

At least got rare strike tower near me now

30/36 ----soooo disappointed with how many of my green boxes disappeared, and when I finally came across one it was Allo or Tany :frowning: Was hoping to finish up the event on my way to work this morning. :frowning:

Unfortunately I lost a lot of motivation to go out darting, for many reasons. Kinda a little bored of the same routine each week of going out hunting the extremely reduced green event drops to start darting…

Sorry to hear that :frowning: Darting is such a finely balanced skill that its the little things that make a difference - I recently upgraded my phone and used a toughened glass screen protector (no prizes for guessing what happened to the last one) and the feel is so much better - reckon my darting scores improved by 25% + Gloves suck - it was only -2C here the other night so I just took the glove off to dart and then put it back on while walking.

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upgraded to a iphone XR and darting feels so different. I need to get better for indoraptor!

I had to hop in the car and drive to some park areas, I’m so rural :expressionless: my chihuahua loved the time on my lap though!

I kinda do that. I have now two gloves on top of each other and I ripped their thumb parts so that I can roll it off when ever I want to dart and then roll back on. Not gonna work though when it gets little colder than now.
Not gonna let cold weather stop me from getting 18 spinosaurs though :muscle: