How did you fuse your Indoraptor?

I have enough to do five fusions on Indoraptor. Should I do the five and try to get one or two more fusions each night, or should I try to stack a ton of both ingredients and try to fuse it all at once? How did you all fuse your Indoraptor?


I had like 17000ish Velociraptor dna when I started to fuse Indoraptor. Got a string of 10s and had to restock, got some 20s and 10s, then finally 40.

Hope you have a smooth fusing experience! :wink:

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I had about 10,000 Velo when I started but once that was (quickly) gone I fused as soon as I had enough apart from during the 48 Velo week when I did try and accumulate enough for a couple of fuses. Its very soul destroying when you get 2000 Velo and get a 10 fuse (which most of mine were) - at least if you have enough for more than one you can try again :slight_smile:

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Exactly and I have to spend velo DNA on the Indominus part too. So it’s not even just 2000, it’s like 3500-4000 if I’m lucky. :sob:

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I did my five and did pretty well!!


Nice. And the short answer to your question “How did you fuse your Indoraptor?” Painfully :slight_smile:


I am ready to start as well , but think am going to save up all week and start fusing then.

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You did an average of 24 dna. Not too shabby… :smile:


I usually give 1, 2 power at day, i mean hunt the velos for 50 or 100 indominus dna and then the 2k,4k raptor dna for one or two fuses, for me is the fun on each day, hunt the raptors and see how much dna indoraptor give me these day xd, im not bad whit this strategy, have a lvl 27 ibdoraptor and enought t rex dna to at least lvl 28, only need hunt these daily raptors haha, but i have no patiente for save the dna for weeks really


I save up a bunch and then fuse a lot all at one go so that I won’t be as frustrated about getting 10s as you may get a 20 or something in there to break the monotony.

Doesn’t work all the time though, Utarinex was an example


Here’s what I do;

Fuse just enough on indominus (so 50), gather just enough velociraptor to get a fuse on Indoraptor (2000) and time it so I dont get less than 20 on indoraptor. Usually my fuses for indominus have been 30 or higher, so i dont have to fuse it as many times, saving up raptor dna for the bigger fuse essentially.

My problem is just finding Raptors.

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I would get 300 irex dna, then use as i got enough raptor. Once i ran out of irex, i would use raptor dna ro get it back to 300, then swap back to indo.


What do you mean time it?


Watch the head shake and watch yourself get more than 10 if you timed it right.

I hope you’re right, but I dont think he really moves until he’s actually created.

I have a funny feeling thats just a huge coincidence, no way would that be something they coded into the game. If it was the people who reverse engineer patches and stuff to find hidden things would have found it long ago!

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It’s a coincidence.
The reason why people say this is because the human brain often tries to make patterns for something that isn’t true, isn’t there or isn’t real, and people want to feel like they’re in control of what happens, so they make up their own “patterns” to feel like they’re in control.


Ive only had 2 fuses on my Indoraptor so far, the first of course was a 10 and the second was a 20! I really hope this isn’t going to be the norm for me because I really don’t get to find a lot of raptors…even worse now since the Iguanodons have infested my beloved suburb and taken the place of the raptors!

Gunna be a LONG time before I get Indoraptor, but my god it will be worth the wait! Ive seen it in battle a couple of times, and its a BEAST!

I believe that spawn rate for raptors should stay the same (just as diluted as before.) Allo and guany just swapped.