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How did you NOT address the massive speed indicator bug


This is just stupid, Ludia. For MONTHS, since you added this annoying speed indicator, it has been completely bugged. It shows that it’s the wrong Dino’s turn more often than the right one. Consistently, all the time. Difference in level, same speed? Let’s give the lowest level dino the turn indicator but let the higher level attack first. This is just plain stupid, I’ve lost countless matches because of this bug.

This turn indicator is the worst feature you’ve ever released, I just want to go back to how it was because you clearly cannot get this to work. We’ve had multiple major updates since this indicator and you’ve done nothing to address the problem…



Fix it or ditch it.


Ditch it as in still do nothing?


I’d rather have it gone than wrong.


I agree - I cannot believe this is still not working in 1.6!