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How did your team evolve?


After seeing another post where someone was complaining about facing all kinds of uniques at higher levels than theirs I started thinking…

My team evolved the way it did because through the last year of playing I leveled things that seemed to defeat the dinos I faced the most. (alas, my L30 ankylocodon just couldn’t keep up and had to be retired :frowning: but it took out many a utarinex, diloroach and spinotasuchus before it got benched) I did not simply evolve what seemed to be the most powerful dinos. I have created all but one of the uniques, but only three are on the team. I have about 6 regulars and two spots that seem to rotate when things get (even more) stale or I hit an awful RNG losing streak - like last night. Went from #130 or so to #350 or so. I changed one member of the team and climbed back up.

So, what about your team? All the cool kid toys? or left of center things that can smash all the usual suspects?



After 7 months

IDK what else to say right now