How difficult it is to decide what to merge and what to give up forever.!

Every time I find it harder to decide which creature to fuse and which creature to forget forever. About a month ago I put my doubts here about whether to merge Spinotasuchus, merge megalosuchus or follow the evolution of gorgosauro. Finally I did not make a decision and I expected to have more DNA but now the decision is even more complicated.

I have created gorgosuchus at level 20 and spinotahraptor at level 18, but neither of them is on my team. I have not created either megalosuchus or spinotasuchus. Now, with the DNA obtained, I have several options and none of them I like too much.

The first is to evolve gorgosuchus at level 22 and Spinotahraptor at 21 or 22 and forget forever megalosuchus and spinotasuchus. In the short term, it may be the best because it is possible that one of the epics will enter my team but in the long term it is difficult for neither of them to remain on my team in three months.

The second is to merge megalosuchus at level 19 or with luck 20 and Spinotahraptor at 21 or 22 and forget forever gorgosuchus and spinotasuchus. Megalosuchus would not enter my team and possibly spinotahraptor but without being a “final”. I could optionally create only megalosuchus and save the Utahraptor in case I think utasinohraptor. It would be a good option if I liked megalosuchus a little more but I do not like it too much and I do not see it better than the dinos I could substitute (Monomimus 19/20, Tryostonix 19/20 or RajaKylosauro 19/29)

Create Spinotasuchus and forget forever about everything else (gorgosuchus, spinotahraptor and megalosuchus). Possibly it is the best long-term option but since I could only create it at level 18 or 19, I do not know if it would fit into my team.

And, of course, there is always the option of doing nothing and keep saving the DNA and coins for later on seeing the evolution of spent DNA …

All very difficult!

By the way, if I decide on a merger, it will be added to the hundreds of mergers that I will have to do tonight: 80 of the Nodopatosaurus, 43 of Stegodeus, 62 of Stegoceratops, 50 of Amargocephalus, 34 of Tragodistis and 55 of Utatasinoraptor or Allosinosauro (the other great decision ). It’s going to break my merging finger !! :slight_smile:

Gorgosuchus only gets better with each level put into him. Can’t say the same about Spinotahraptor. His health and speed simply isn’t good enough to be on a high trophy team. Spinotahsuchus however always have a spot with his bleed now being much more powerful and it outspeeding many great uniques…

Clearly, my mistake was to start merging level 21 gorgosuchus. If I still had the Kaprosuchus DNA I could now create Spinotasuchus level 20 or 21 and it would be obvious that I would join my team. I always try not to make unnecessary mergers and, even so, this time I made that big mistake.

I would definitely go with spinotahsuchus. Gorgo lost out in this update a little with the buffs to a tonne of tank busters and also speedy dinos, although it is one of the only dinos that can still cleanse bleed…

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agree… I wrecked the arena last night with my lvl 18 Spinotasuchus… it’s a beast. Also if you take one guy down and are low health and still have speed priority you can swoop out and cause some good bleed damage before your next dino swaps in

Decision taken … I go for spinotasuchus

Goodbye, Gorgosuchus, have been very good times together and, as a reward, possibly you climb to level 21 (the mergers are unfortunately already done).

Goodbye, Spinotahraptor, although I use less, you helped the team in some moments.

Megalosuchus. I’m sorry, I’ll never get to know you. Maybe if in the past I could have collected more megalosaurs, the decision would have been different. Good luck on other teams … when you do not face me :slight_smile:

Well, I already have my spinotasuchus … but I do not think I’ll be part of my team. It is created at level 18 and its “competence” is

Stegodeus 25 (almost 26)
Tragodistis 24
Indoraptor 23
Stegoceratops 22 (almost 23)
Allosinosauros 20
Indominus Rex 20
Tryostonix 19
Rajakilosauro 19

Monomimus 19
Gorgosuchus 20 (21 if I merge)
Paramoloch 20 (21 if I merge)
Pyrritator 18
Diloranosauros 18 (almost 19)

Do you think it has a place in my team from the base that would be the only bleeder? I could change it for the Rajakilosauro but I adore this creature.