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How do I accept raid invites

How do I accept rid invites

Hey Ilikethisgame, when you receive a Raid invitation from either your friends or Alliance members, the invitation should pop up on the top of your screen in the game.

To participate in Raids, please make sure you have completed Chapter-5 in the Campaign mode. Our FAQ here has some more info regarding Raids:

It…doesn’t work. Mine doesn’t even do anything or even appear!

It’s on friends them you can see all of the raid invites

Sometimes if someone invites you, the invite doesn’t show up. You may have to restart the game. Invites show up when you are on the map or in the friends tab.

You have to restart the game before attempting to accept raid invites. Also the person inviting must restart their game before creating a lobby and inviting. After the raid everyone must restart their games again before the next raid.

We learned this the hard way in out alliance. Without constant restarting we usually got 2 or 3 out of 4 people into the lobby with the remaining people not able to see invites or unable to accept.

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