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How do i acquire commom, rare and super rare dinosaurs from higher profile lvls?

A little help wont hurt. My case is a very different one. I started playing this game about march and i got to lvl 56 so fast that i didnt have time to get standart creatures. Now the only way to get these rarity creatures is with loads amounts of bucks, which i wont waste of course. Is there any way to recover these creatures? Like battle events? The reason why i want to know ita because the best creatures to fuse hibrids are trom that category, and now that the game is turning very hard, i am starting to thinking about give up the gameplay.

Wrong topic my friend.

Can you help me then? I am new here and i started this today. So if you wanna help, help.

There should be a pencil, click it and then choose the “Jurassic World The Game Help and Support”.

Oh right. I see it now. Thank you very much for the observation. About that, you think its worthy playing the jwtg right now?

This is Unfortunately one of the draw backs to how they switched up the battle stages months ago. They have had times where they offer lots of the lower level creatures as unlocks in a single week for higher level players. You just need to watch for them.

You could also try and farm some of them in lower level PvP, not sure which ones you are looking for specifically but they might be offered there.


I am hopping they readd this. But still, thank you.

I play since march either and I am at level 81. I am also missing very many creatures. But the most of them are not important, so you can just wait for them. The only dinosaur I bought for DB is the pyroraptor for the carnoraptor to finish the tournaments in Dominator. As soon you reached this point it is not important to get other hybrids in my opinion. (in exception of hybrids you need for super hybrids.)

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That is exactly why I am not levelling up,I am preparing for future missions in advance and not levelling currently to unlock Monolophosaurus.

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