How do I cancel VIP?

Well this is the last straw now, bought 1200 dinobux the other day, money came out of my bank account and and didn’t get ANYTHING in game, contacted support and showed them proof of receipt from my account, then 2 days later they get back to me and claim I DID get the dinobux, which I did NOT get.

For the record I’m going to be going to my bank on Monday and am putting in a purchase dispute and getting my money back!

Now I can’t even cancel my VIP coz when I go into settings and click the VIP button (which is showing up green) it brings some pop up about the benefits of being vip, I click ok and the menu closes…can’t cancel it.

I have temp transferred all my money into my mothers bank account so they can’t take the subscription in the mean time.

Always knew Ludia had shady practices but this is a joke.

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If you’re on iOS you go into Apple ID and to subscriptions and cancel auto renewal. Google I can’t help with sorry.

with android go to playstore and cancel subscription. plastore/hit the 3 line menu top left/subscriptions/jwa vip/ cancel subscriptions

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SThanks mate found it, pretty bad you can’t even do it in game…

Well Ludia I have been a VIP since day one, this is what happens when you screw over a loyal fan!

Also i have contacted support one more time, showing the, a screenshot of my in game cash which is at 40, and told the, I want them to check my list of cash purchases since then and told them to see if it adds up to 1200, which it won’t coz I’ve bought like 2 things for small amounts!

If they won’t or don’t give me my dino cash I PAID FOR and am forced to go through my bank, im quitting the game even if I get the money back.

I’ll also be seeking advice from my uncle Eric because he has been a police officer for the past 6 years now, and before that he was a branch manager at Westpac bank here in Australia. So he will know what to do next and my legal rights.

I’ll also be documenting everything that happens and in the end I’m going to be making a video dedicated to this experience to show the kind of company Ludia are!

VIP cancelled!

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I was able to get a lot of purchases refunded through Google. Perhaps try going through Apple? I know there was an old thread where people discussed getting money back - and NONE of it came back through Ludia. It was always through the app store, whether iOS or Google.

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Vip is so bad… no new reasons to be vip and no epic incubator every month. I really agree with the post about increasing vip range and battery life. As it is I will be cancelling by xmas.

Thank you. Tried to cancel once and failed. Now your screen shots will insure I don’t fail. Thank you

No worries mate!

I have sent another message to the support person and have requested a full list of all my in game dino bucks purchases since the time of me paying for the 1200 cash so I can show my bank that I didn’t just get the cash and then quickly spend it.
Pretty sure I’ve made like 2 maybe 3 small purchases which will add up to less than 100 dino bucks, and the fact that I’ve currently got 42 bux will prove what I’m saying.

Hopefully they have math skills and see that if I did have 1200 bux, and spent under 100 I should have a LOT more than 42 bucks left.

Not to ,emotion the fact that…you know…I didn’t even GET 1200 to start with.

Really angry right now ay, I normally don’t buy anything and thought u know what, I’ll just get a little dino bucks so I can level my dinosaurs that have been ready for months now (Stegoceratops and Stegodeus) bit nooooo, this rubbish had to happen.

It’s been 4 days now and I’ve still not received what I paid for, how is this not straight up theft?
I mean it’s not like they didn’t give me anything and then claimed I did get it…OH WAIT they did!

i feel like i really got to know you and your family in this thread, @Stiffeno

Wow! I’m a little upset for you! I hope they resolve this soon.