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How do I contact ludia?


I made an accidental purchase with my resources. How can I get them back?

Please note that there are not always confirmation buttons in the game to confirm your choice before spending resources. We strongly recommend that you are certain of your decision before tapping on it.

In order to verify the resource exchange, please contact us and include your support key. Please note that we cannot undo this purchase and a return of the Resource cannot be guaranteed.

I would love to be certain of my decision, expect a simple confirmation box that could pop up doesn’t exist or even better can I have a setting to disable it completely? I never want to do a non-free basic draw ever.

3000 runes spent in my pocket, I was just doing a repeatable quest and put it in my pocket, pull it back out a few minutes later and I’m being prompted to spend 20 bucks for more runes… hey look a confirmation, that’s funny they don’t seem to have an issue with that confirmation. This will now make 5k runes I have spent on this basic 10 draw that I did not want to. I’ll even go farther and there should just be a way to disable it completely, there will never be a point I want to use it, but it always looming as this drain to throw runes down.

So my question is how do I contact ludia? I’m not going to even level any more dragons or anything so I don’t spend a dragon I mean serious look at this: 135/102


In game support button

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