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How do I contact support?

How do I contact support? I cannot log into my existing game and I do not know how I signed up. Inonly have my name and support key.

Hey Stephanie, our support team can be reached through email here at If you’re having trouble logging into your original game, could you try either reconnecting to your Google Play store or Facebook account in the game and see if that helps? If you’re still having issues after trying that, our team would be happy to assist you if you contacted them with your support key.

Thank you. I sent an email. I do not know how to log in with either of those. All I have is my support key and name.

I’m glad I could help. Also, you should be able to reconnect to Facebook or Google Play by going into your in-game Player Profile menu by tapping on your “level icon” on the upper left corner of the screen and tapping Settings. However, if you were playing on a Guest account, our support team would have to help you further with this once they get a chance to look at your ticket.

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I am pretty sure I created it with a guest profile, hence why I only have Support key number and name. I don’t have a Google play account and I don’t play games with Facebook

Has anyone had the chance to look at this ticket? I don’t mean to be rude or pushy, but I have regrettably spent hundreds of dollars on this game and I would have to lose all of my Dino’s.

Thank you :grinning:

Hi Stephanie - from what I have seen on here they will be able to retrieve your account but it may be days (if not a couple of weeks) before they respond.

Great! Thank you! I will check back in a few days. :grinning: